Robert Palmer Dies at Age 54


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British Singer Robert Palmer Dies in Paris

PARIS (Reuters) - British rock singer Robert Palmer, whose smart suits and laconic style set the tone for much of the 1980s pop scene, died in Paris of a heart attack early Friday, his record company said. He was 54.

Palmer was best known for his 1985 hit "Addicted to Love" and its accompanying video, which featured leggy models in short black dresses with slicked-back hair and electric guitars.

"Robert Palmer, singer and songwriter, died suddenly of a heart attack in Paris last night," a spokeswoman for Universal Music said in a statement issued in London.

"Everyone at Universal Music is deeply shocked and saddened at the terrible news. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at the difficult time."

The Yorkshire-born singer, who lived in Switzerland, was on a trip to Paris with his companion Mary Ambrose when he suffered the heart attack. He was taking a break after a recording session in London for Yorkshire Television earlier this week.


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My best Halloween ever is the one where I went as one of the Robert Palmer backup girls -- slicked-back hair and all. What a loss, and way too young. :cry:


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Nope. Never heard of a standards album by Robert Plamer. Worth checking out, though. There's probably at least one decent foxtrot on there.

This seems to be going around lately. Rod Stewart, Sting, Natalie Cole and lots of others are all over the place, singing jazz/standards. Cool! 8) I like the standards! :D
Palmer's album is a little older, about ten years old or so. So he was just a little ahead of the rest. The best of that type of album is Joe Jackson's, I think. It's got a decent Tuxedo Junction if I remember correctly.
I saw a story about Palmer's death and there was footage of him singing Why get up? in the studio. It must have been on the album he was working on when he died. You can't get much more standard than Why Get Up?

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