Route 66 DH - ideas from y'all?


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Ok, so lots of you know that my DH loves to "drive" and I do mean loves the adventure and sidepaths of getting to the goal. Be it a competition or otherwise.
DH is having a really hard time with October "6-0" birthday. Really.
DH is headed out, on the road to New Orleans in September. He's already mapping Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, trivial places and weird locations to side-trail off the beaten path and go see it. As in "the biggest ball of string" that he found coming home from OSB, etc etc. Get the picture?
Since I'm sitting here, with nothing to do but heal, I had a brilliant idea, which I could use some input from y'all.
Convert our small work out space (10x12) of ds childhood bedroom, while DH is on the road in September to New Orleans, to reflect "Historic Route 66", the places he's been, the road, the classic mind-thoughts of when one thinks of Route 66 - what does one picture? gas stations? wig wam hotel? cadillac ranch? the various states? etc etc. I'm going to convert this to "his space" and "his travels" and I have 7 days to do it with my neighbors help (they really love DH). When you think Route 66 - what comes to mind? This will help me - design the room, purchase the stuff, and shoo him onto the road in September so I can have this done with neighbors for his birthday while he's gone. Happy trailsssssss to youuuuuuuu.....:cool:

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