angelbaby said:
thanks for setenta info. just noticed that the experienced dancers in our group were doing it 2 diff ways and theyare so very full on it is easier to ask it here!

just heard our tango this fortnight is going on until 6pm (usually ends at 4pm) and rueda goes from 6pm - 8pm. ummm what do i do? prob stay on at tango and join them for coffee after as rueda is just too unruly. shame. must get around to phoning the organiser to tell him how we feel. he is very calm and a good teacher. it is really just one woman who just gets so full on! she ends up calling out and telling the caller what to do! and my partner says this woman would not let him lead her in the setenta and just kept "strong arming" him and kept overriding the caller and re-calling setenta over and over and kept on over-ruling his lead. :twisted: he says he did what he did the same move the way he always does it with another experienced follow and she said he did it fine. :?

really must phone the organiser and just let him know. it has really put us off and most of the ppl (esp the men) are really lovely, gentle, fun ppl to dance with.

will ask more questions re other moves as they come up.
thanks again :)

We have 2 "setentas" but there could be more.
"setenta" & "setentanta complicada".
The thing is I have forgotten what the "setenta complicada" is like. But because I can go to every class (good to master leading) from beginners to advanced it will eventuallly come around again.
Our classes have changed to do more rueda.

I must put up a list of moves we do. It would be interesting to see what move names are universal.

actually I just remembered there are other setentas.
There is "setenta y dos" also. I can't remember how it goes though.
went to salsa last nite. lots of the rueda group there as usual. organiser of rueda said to us he had "missed" us last wk (as we left early when it got too much) so i told him how we really enjoyed his calm teaching approach but not the shrill harpies that take over. glad i cld give him feedback and he was cool with it. just said that that was what N**** was like (ie harpie #1). noticed too that other rueda ppl were very welcoming and understanding (guess we not the only ones who find it a bit too full on at class). ended the nite doing a social rueda together and it was good (thanks for the setenta tips :wink: ). also found out no rueda this wk as they are off to performance so that means we can tango to our hearts content and try rueda again the following wk.

and yes there are a number of setentas - as there are a number of many of the other steps.


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