Salsa Adventures in Denmark


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I enjoyed reading about your travels Jonathan. Great to know salsa lives in Denmark! I've spent some time in Lyngby and Copenhagen about 10 years ago and would love to go back.
WOW! what a great advanture! just curious, what do you do in San Diego? are you a student there? or are you a dance instructor.


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youngsta...glad you enjoyed my travel story! :D

yoyao...ditto! As for what I do, I'm working on my Ph.D. in anthropology at the moment and work as a teaching assistant at my university (UCSD). Thanks for the flattering question, but I am nowhere near being a dance instructor...I'm still a lower level competitor myself...just one who's traveled the ballroom scene very widely! For more info just follow the link in my signature.


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yoyao said:
arghhhhh, I thought you are a dance major at least :shock:
Nope....not in this life time at least :(

I was already firmly into graduate school before I ever "discovered" dance... I am, however, flattered if my posts somehow gave you any impression otherwise :)

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