Salsa clubs/instructors in Paris?

Hi, I happen to live in Paris and frequently danse salsa, so I can give you some hints about Parisian clubs. What styles do you like and what is your level?
hi wuthering,
i am somewhere in the broad "intermediate" category, and i dance on 1 and on 2; i like new york style a lot but i want to learn from people who *really* connect with the music, that's why i was excited to learn that felipe polanco teaches in paris as i've heard he's extremely musical. basically, i want to get away from ballroom style teachers and learn different styles from people who ooze soulfullness :). thanks for popping in to this topic!
meagalita said:
i want to learn from people who *really* connect with the music, that's why i was excited to learn that felipe polanco teaches in paris as i've heard he's extremely musical
The official web site of Felipe Polanco:
(where you can already find an email and telephone number, as well as the 2004-05 class schedule and prices).
Hi wuthering. Welcome to Dance Forums. Bienvenue sur Dance Forums.
Happy to have another person from Paris on board.
This is really a great forum for partner dancing in general and salsa dance in particular, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as myself.
I am glad... it seems so many DF members will be there! I can hardly wait!

Alias and wuthering, I would love to meet you even after the Congress...!
Hello, thanks for your welcoming words, Peachexploration, Meagalita, Alias and Squirrel. :)

I haven't attended Felipe Polanco's courses, nor have I seen him dance. I agree with you, Meagalita, about dancing with soulfulness, that's what I enjoy too.
The web site of the "Paris Salsa Congress" is ( or ( or (
Salsabor is proud to welcome you to the 5th edition of the Paris Salsa Congress (June 10th, 11th & 12th 2005)
Now it's spring time (weather) in Paris as you can check at meteo france, you've got sun and you can go out in shirt, lucky if you come to Paris this week.
If you want to travel by bus or subway, you can find your way with the RATP web site ( giving the departure and the arrival address or station.
If you want to find some address or phone number (and sometimes even a web site) you can use a directory (from France Telecom I guess) ( (note the english flag on the right), the "white pages" give the adress and phone number of every person having a fixed phone (unless the person doesn't want to), and some professionals pay to be in the "yellow pages" where you can search for categories like "dance" for example.
The "Salsa France" web site ( has now an english section ( where you can find for example a description of some salsa clubs in Paris (where to dance).

And the "Salsa France web Forum" gives you the latest up-to-date information on salsa parties and clubs in Paris in the "Annonces" section (it's in french but you should catch the places and dates), as well as a "Salsa" section to discuss salsa (as we do here in Dance-Forums).
It's in french but you can register and ask in english (I guess, I'm not the administrator), and I think that some will be pleased to answer you.
Bien sûr cela vous fait quel effet si soudain quelqu'un parle une autre langue?
:) C'est tres interesant, Alias... quel effet esperez-vous? :) Je parle le francais, mais je ne sais pas s'il y a beaucoup de gens qui peuvent comprendre et parler ici...

Excuse my spelling, but I don't have the French "grammar signs" on my computer.
thanks a lot alias for that info, that's very helpful. i speak some spanish, and am learning some basics in french. the latest plan is to be there in june, then possibly go back for longer in september. hope to see you in the clubs :)
Some Salsa Instructors in Paris

Some Salsa Instructors in Paris:
(some well-known salsa instructors in Paris I've taken lessons with)
(with a hint as for 2004-05 about some places in Paris where you can find classes with the instructor)

CUBAN CASINO and RUEDA ("Salsa Cubaine" in french):
David Fagour (where? La Pachanga (Mon, Thu) La Pachanga (forum)) (TSF).
Alex "salserito" (where? La Pachanga (Wed), Le Mandunga (Sat)).
Herminio "el Salsero Cubano" ( (where until May 2005? Opus Latino (Tue, Fri), La Pachanga (Sun)) (TSF) (where from May 2005? El Diab'Litho Latino (Mon, Fri), Opus (Tue), La Pachanga (Sat, Sun)) (TSF - TSF).
Rey Martinez Piloto (old site) (where? Studio Rey (13 rue Simon Lefranc 75004 Paris)).
Roberto el Cubano (where? Wagg (Mon, Sun), El Diab'litho Latino (Fri)) (TSF - TSF - TSF).
and others ...

Ivan Martinez ( (or) (where? El Diab'litho Latino (Wed), Boedo (Thu), Centre de danse Alesia (Sat)) (SFP).

MAMBO (= "cross-body-lead slotted salsa" here) ("Salsa Portoricaine" in french):

ON 1 (LA):
David Lartist ( (where? Barrio Latino (Tue, Thu, Sun)) (TSF - TSF).
Mab, Mick and others (Paris Salsa Gang) (
Jeremy "Thundersalsero" (where? Babalu (Wed) (association (
Sébastien Massaro ( (where? Académie Cadix (Tue, Wed), La Coupole (Fri)) (TSF).
Susan Sparks and Nadia Zerrouki ( (where? Centre de danse du Marais (Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat)).

ON 2 (P2):
Salsabor ( (where? Studio Harmonic (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat)) with Cliford Jasmin, Valérie Mitchelson, Didier Galvani, Gaelle Cadignan, Olivier Rio (web), Agnès Guessab, Hubert Ceram, Karine Siguret.
Luna ( (where? Step Dance (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri), Les Etoiles (Sat)) (TSF).
Hubert Ceram, Karine Siguret ( (
Isaack "El Tiburon de la Salsa" ( ( (where? La Pachanga (Tue)).
Dady and Corinne (

ON 2 (ET2):
Seve and Mouaze (Show Time Dance Company) ( ( (where? La Coupole (Tue), Smoking et Brillantine (Mon, Wed), Centre International de danse Jazz (Wed)) (TSF) (TSF).
Lorenzo (where? Les Etoiles (Fri)) (TSF).
Hervé Suzan, Theo Simax, Nadège Chaabane (Uforia Dance Company) (
Wilson Sither ( ( (where? Centre de danse du Marais) (TSF).

Felipe Polanco ( (where? ENST (46 rue Barrault 75013 Paris))

TSF = a matching topic on the Salsa France web Forum (could change).
SFP = supposed profile on the Salsa France web Forum (you can then find the posts and get the topics).

Yes! I've taken (a few, some or many) lessons with all of these instructors (except Felipe Polanco, Hervé Suzan, Karine Siguret).
Some Salsa Clubs and Parties in Paris (A quick overview)

Some Salsa Clubs and Parties in Paris (2004-05) (A quick overview):

CUBAN CASINO (mostly):
Mon (La Pachanga) (TSF) (class with David Fagour) (DJ David Fagour, DJ Alex) (see class and DJ for the other days).
Mon (Wagg) (TSF) (class with Roberto el Cubano) (DJ Roberto el Cubano, DJ Indochino, DJ Orishano).
Tue (Le Clair-Obscur) (TSF) (DJ Jack el Calvo, DJ Indochino).
Wed (Boca Chica) (TSF) (DJ Fred "Masala") (both dancers).
Wed (El Diab'Litho Latino) (TSF) (class with Ivan Martinez and Carlos) (DJ Aimeline).
Thu (El Diab'Litho Latino) (TSF) (class with Aniurka Balanzo and Antoine) (DJ Jack el Calvo).
Fri (El Diab'Litho Latino) (TSF) (class with Roberto el Cubano) (DJ Janoy).
Fri (Le Vestiaire) - (doesn't take place anymore) (TSF).
Sat (Moving Thiais) (suburb) (TSF then TSF) (class with Lena and others) (DJ Sergio) .
Sun (Wagg) (TSF) (class with Roberto el Cubano) (DJ Jack el Calvo, DJ Roberto el Cubano).

MAMBO / CUBAN CASINO (more or less):
Tue (La Coupole) (TSF) (class with Mouaze and Seve) (DJ Jack el Oso, DJ El Cuco).

MAMBO (mostly):
Fri (Les Etoiles) (TSF) (class with Lorenzo) (DJ Willy).
Sun Afternoon (Barrio Latino) (TSF) (class with David Lartist and Mab) (DJ David Lartist, DJ Willy) (both dancers).
Sun Evening (every two weeks usually) (O'Sullivans) (TSF) (class) (DJs PapasDJs (Hervé, Hubert, Gabriel, Willy, Fred "Masala", Jack el Oso)).

You may also see "Salsa Café" (Wed) (TSF) (class with Kristel) (DJ Kalix), "Les Etoiles" (Thu) (TSF) (class with Kristel) (DJ Kalix), "Les Etoiles" (Sat) (TSF) (class with Luna) (DJ).
You may also see "Le Mandunga", "La Coupole" (Fri) (TSF) (latino party).
And you have of course the salsa party at the ENST (Telecom Paris) (both Mambo and Cuban Casino) every one or two months on saturday (TSF).

TSF = a matching topic on the Salsa France web Forum (could change).
MAMBO = Cross-Body-Lead Slotted Salsa (LA, P2, ET2).
I have completed the previous post on "Some Salsa Instructors in Paris" and the previous post on "Some Salsa clubs and parties in Paris (A quick overview)".


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Wow Alias! Thank you for such detailed info.

(Referring to an older post you made, we do have the Paris Salsa Congress in the Annual Salsa Congresses and Events thread :D )
Super Alias, bien résumé.

I french too and I live in Paris. I'm very glad to see all these DF members ready for Salsa in Paris.

My favorite : La pachanga (MOnday) for good Cuban style. Les Etoiles (Thursday and Friday) for NY style. La Coupole (Thursday) for all style.

I think, a DF reunion will be interesting, so just send me PM and with Lita and other french guy we'll see what we can do.

PS : I'll be there for LA congress !!!! :lol: :lol:

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