Salsa Dance Timing videos - cumulative


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Newest Salsa timing video for the song "Cogele El Gusto" by Wayne Gorbea includes annotations and visualizations of the playing instruments:


Past timing videos:
Yo No Se Mañana, including foot steps "On-1" timing:

La Pantera Mambo, with on-screen annotations, the most popular so far:

Upcoming videos:
* No Le Pegue a La Nerga from Joe Arroyo
* Special Christmas collection

I will keep you posted in this thread as the new videos come out.


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New Year's special - Rhythm & Timing video

New Year's Special -
Uno Llega Y Otro Se Va

Christmas Special -
Ismael Rivera -Bomba De Navidad



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Tito Puente - Hong Kong Mambo, On-2 Salsa Rhythm & Timing video

Another one, again for "On-2" dancers, with on-screen annotations, basic step animation, rhythm counting, musical patterns illustration and much more!

This time the Mambo king Tito Puente:


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