Salsa in Argentina and Mexico

I was wondering if you could tell me of any places to have lessons/go clubbing in Buenos Aires and Mexico (Mexico City and Cancun) . I am going to these places in December 03.

I do on1 and have just started on2.

Can you help me? 8)


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Welcome , welcome... :)

I'm a necomer to dancing myself so I'll let one of the other members help you out, but I just couldn't resist the opportunity to welcome you.
That's the spirit, Sagitta!
And welcome, Redheadedmermaid!

I hope someone will answer your question. If not, I hope you'll let us know what you did when you get back. I certainly wish I had the experience to tell you about these places...hopefully one day.


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Welcome to the forums Redheadedmermaid! :D

I haven't been to either of those places so, unfortunately, can't give you any personal recomendations but you might want to start with these lists for Buenos Aires and Mexico City.

Hope that helps! :D


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I'd think it would be REAL hard to find salsa instruction in Argentina with Tango being THE dance there. Let us know if you find any info!
Salsa and Merengue are fairly popular in Buenos Aires. I'm sure you can check around on the internet and find some clubs. If you go to some of the young peoples' neighborhood clubs, you'll see people dance to Salsa, Rock and Tango. On the other hand, if you go to the real milongas, you might hear twenty seconds of Salsa as a cortina between sets of Tango. The cortina is a way of giving people a break to have a drink, look for new partners, use the restroom, anything but dance. That would only disappoint you quite a bit.
By the way, Buenos Aires is a city of about eight million. There is almost every dance there. Flamenco is fairly popular, too. One of the first people to actually stage Flamenco was an Argentine girl. People love Swing in Argentina, too.
Well I'm off tomorrow morning to Argentina. I've got the name of a few clubs and things to see. I'm so excited I just had to tell you all

I'll let you know what the salsa like!


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