Salsa in Berlin

On Thursdays and Sundays go to Soda Club and on Friday and Saturday to Havanna. Havanna has three dance floors, one only for salsa.
Soda Club is in the Neue Kulturbrauerei - Knackstraße in Prenzlauer Berg. Havanna is in Schöneberg.

When we were there last August, DJ Ronny played in Soda Club and on Friday in Havanna. He was a great (!) DJ and we danced until we dropped. We did not like the DJ on Saturday in Havanna, but that is a matter of taste, I guess.

This weekend Ronny will be DJing on the salsa boat in Offenbach (Frankfurt) and, of course, we will be there!

Check the links unter Clubs in Berlin:

Here more salsa in Berlin:

I hope you will have as much fun as we had!

Thanks for the info.

I'm not sure I'll go dancing all that much, since I have not been dancing for the past few months, I probably can't hold my own anyways.

But still, it'd be a shame to go to a new town that has an active salsa scene and not get a taste of it :)
I think the best salsa club in Germany is Havana in Berlin. Also Stuttgart and München has very very good Clubs to dance Salsa.

I was for an example last week in 7grad in Stuttgart and it was crazy. A lot of good dancers there.

A very good and timely overview you will find at

Best Regards
Here is a late entry for a question from 2005 but if someone is interested: the best Salsa club in Berlin is by far the Soda club. Thursdays and Sundays it is amazing. You have 4 floors:
1. Mambo Club in first floor left
2. Kizomba in first floor right
3. Cuban style in second floor, front
4. Bachata in second floor, behind
Many people on a Thursday night. It starts at 7pm with introduction classes but I recommend to come at 11pm. Stay until 2am if you can afford a late night visit of a club in a work week. Check it out.

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