Salsa in Manila, Philippines

Hi there! I would like to announce that my group is giving free salsa lessons for beginners. We also accept invitation for us to teach salsa for free. The url of my group is

We hold dance lessons almost everyweek. Aside from this, we hold regular monthly dance meet ups. Dance practice is done everyweekend.

Salseros and salseras planning to visit Manila! Why not join our group! If you joined our group, we will accompany you in whatever places you wish to visit here in the Philippines. It is fun to be with us! So hurry up and register to my site.


Thank you for the reminder. I believe that this forum can compliment what I already have at the salsa meetup. Besides, I consider it more of a service to our people here in the Philippines as well as other salseros in other countries. I find this forum as a great opportunity to relate and interact with other salseros...something which I cannot do using the or even yahoo. This gives more a wider exposure for us here in the Philippines especially for a movement like ours which try to promote salsa here while the rest were being caught up by the hip-hop craze. I am actually running against the tide, believing that in salsa, I find my best self-expression, and believing too that this dance were able and is able to bring the best among friends, communities and even new acquaintances. It is working within this spirit that I set up real groups here in the Philippines, not solely to make them dance or appreciate salsa, but to promote healing and which what salsa offers. So, I hope the organizers and proponents of this wonderful communication tool will not look at my presence here as a threat or an abuse of the services you offer but rather look at my presence from the perspective of grace by which I am freely extending to this forum.

Let me express my desire to be of service to all of you, and if only you are here in the Philiippines, I would love to meet you and share with you the joy that salsa brings to me.

You are welcome to come here in the Philippines and we will be glad to share with you the best of ourselves as a people and as salseros.



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Welcome to Dance Forums Ares1975! :D

We don't mind if you advertise here, and at least you have picked the correct spot. However, only folks who contribute to the dialogue of our community are permited to advertise. We would prefer if you involved yourself with the othe forums available here, before posting your ads.

In fact it is likely your participation with the other forums available on our site that would make your ad more useful to you in the long run. Try reading some of the threads and posting to them soon in our Salsa forum area. ;)

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