Salsa in Massachusetts/Connecticut?


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oooooooooooh!! check it out now! Larinda is gona boogy to the SALSAAAA RITMO!! :bouncy: :banana: .. FINALLY.. she has been gorgeously infected :twisted: LOL..

maan oh man!.. salsa ain't never gona be the same now 8) ... 10 years from now ima going to right a book about this :p

after that.. u gona have to dance with me so i can faint as much as i please :mrgreen:
Larinda McRaven said:
I need some good recommendations for a teacher in Massachusetts or Connecticut.

Any suggestions? hello larinda,i see your into ballroom,if you do west coast also an are going to the summer hummer in mass this week i"ll give you a free salsa lesson there,i taught salsa for over a year in a studio,golds gym,and in princeton nj,you can show me a few steps i dont know in foxtrot :D ,sorry i dont know any teachers out your way.


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ahh On1 or On2.. Power2 or EddieTorres' On2.. or perhaps On3.. clave or contra-clave.. AfroCuban.. LA.. NY.. PuertoRican OR Miami Styles...Rueda maybe.. or is it FreeStyle :?: :?: :?: these are the questions... :lol: :lol: :lol:

just kidding :wink:
Now now Sabor, don't scare Larinda away from you will ever get your dance with her if you do that?!?!?!! :lol:

April Genovese...I'd love to study with her...that lady can really move! :D


Larinda McRaven

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You guys are silly! :lol: But I love you all... :kissme:
It is not for me, I was simply contracted to find a teacher for someone via a friend in Philly. I will have to ask where they new student is located.


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Hello all! I'm new to the salsa section of DF, so be nice ;) hehe

I was asked to help find a good salsa instructor located ideally on the south shore, south of Boston. Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance!

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