Salsa in the Junior Olympics

Dancementor, I have a suggestion on spreading Salsa. Why don't the Promoters of Salsa give scholarships to the youth that attend their functions to compete at the Junior Olympics. Why don't Salsa Vendors do the same. One example of that is Dance Beat, the largest Dancesport newspaper in North America. They have provided a section called the Salsa Beat and support the Junior Olympics by providing scholarships for housing and such at the AAU Junior Olympic Games for youth World-Wide. Now that's what I am talking about. No long discussions, no endless red tape, no wishing, just straight forward action and putting their money where their mouth is!


Is there a website for the governing body of the Junior Olympics with a section discussing Salsa?

It would be great if you could provide some "official information".

(Note: I split this post to help in keeping things on topic, thereby allowing open discussion about the "Junior Olympics" AND "ruining salsa")

The AAU which was formed by an ACT of Congress in the 1800's and who is a voting member of the USOC, does not have a discussion board.(for G-d sakes, this is not Salsa Web! :roll: Comments can be sent to me directly at ialtman2002@ as I am the man in charge for the AAU when it comes to Salsa, Dancesport, and Swing. If you go to you can view and link to all Junior Olympic news.

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