Salsa in Vienna, Austria

Okay, my fellow salsa fiends :D Need a little help here...I will be traveling to Vienna next month and a big part of my itinerary is reserved for salsa dancing (perhaps a little merengue and a little bachata, as well.) If anyone can provide recommendations on the salsa clubs in Vienna, I would GREATLY appreciate it! I have tried to google this info, but there's not much out there, and am concerned that the info that is out there may not be current.

Many, many thanks!


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I won't be there since New York is waiting 8)

my personal recommendation for dancing in Vienna would be a club called floridita.

There is no admission fee and salsa almost every day. Check out the homepage

There are two more clubs (Club Habana and El Dorado) which are located within 500 meters, but they are much smaller and for me just not as comfortable as the one named above.
Thanks, all, for your replies. Will definitely hit all recommended clubs. I am also considering taking a workshop at the Salsa Festival. Hip hop salsa piques my curiosity! :D

Thanks, again, everyone!


Christian -- I'll PM you with questions. There's a reason why my MB name is Intrigued Salsera :wink: . Danke.
MacMoto said:
Salsero_AT, long time no see! Nice to know you are still around :D
Thanks :)

I reduced my weekly amount of dancing because of changes in my private life (i have to drive 720 km to visit my girlfriend in the weekend) but i still enjoy and love to do it.

I am looking forward to the Innsbruck Salsa Congress in January. Last year i had a lot of fun there :)


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@salsero_at: hmm, that's the reason why i haven't seen you at the last workshop with neeraj. :wink:

@intrigued: are you from philadelphia, pa?
Cist: My apologies. I just saw your other post re: being in NY. When will you be there? If you get the chance, you should come down to Philly (only 1.5 hours from NY, faster if you speed!) to check out the salsa scene -- you won't be disappointed :D



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that was the intention of my question :). I'll stay in N.Y. for 1 week but there are still 2 weeks of vacation left 8)

Since I know sbdy who lives in Alexandria, PA will be the state (besides New York City) most of the time. Any suggestions or internet pages you can recommend in Philadelphia or other major cities in PA ?

My trip starts at November, 12. and lasts until December, 2.

When do you leave to Vienna?
Cist: Alexandria is over 200 miles from Philly. If you have the time and don't mind the drive, then you MUST come to Philly. Salsa-dancing in the area is better (and by "better" I simply mean more venue options) on the weekends. I will be in Vienna for only 1 week from November 23rd. Let me know if you do decide to make the trek to Philly!

Websites related to the salsa scene in the area:

Best regards,


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thank you very much for the links, I'll have a look at them this weekend because of the surfing restrictions in my company.

well, yes, I am definitely stay in Philadelphia at least twice. The first time on my first day when I arrive in the States because I don't want to drive all way down to Alexandria after a 12 hours flight. And the second stay is still open.

So if your schedule allows it I would be more than happy to meet you somewhere in Philadelphia and exchange some information AT and PA and of course also do some salsa dancing. :wink:
Cist: I will be around Nov. 12, 13 and 14; and Nov. 19, 20, and 21. I'll be more than happy to take you to some places in Philly for salsa! I think it would be a lot of fun. Let me know exactly when you'll be in Philly.



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In Vienna, does Salsa or other dance forms compete with Viennese Waltz? Or is Viennese Waltz not as popular in that area as is easily believed?

I was in Vienna in 1990 and recall hearing VW music while "street hiking" to see the sites.
Viennese Waltz is taught in the dance schools of course, but i do not think that it is so much more popular than any other form of dance. You must not forget that Viennese Waltz is one major part of the cliches the tourism industry uses. The Salsa community in Vienna is not very big but couple dancing in general is not so popular in here so i do not think that there is a real competition between Salsa and other dances, because i think that Salsa dancing attracts different people than the traditional dances.


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I know a couple of social dancers who started taking ballroom lessons specifically to learn Viennese Waltz for their vacation in Vienna. The only time they actually danced it, they said, was in an exhibition back at the ballroom studio. :?

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