Salsa in Vienna, Austria

Well, I'm back from lovely Vienna. What a great trip! But somehow the word GREAT is lacking something to truly describe my visit. It was more than great, more than get the idea :).

Anyway, salsa was phenomenally great at Floridita (many thanks to Cist for the awesome recommendations!) Down the street at El Dorado...not so much. The DJ there played less salsa and more samba, merengue and reggaeton. I went with my dance partner to Vienna, so that was a plus, in that I was able to dance with someone who has the same style as I do. I also took pleasure in dancing with the locals (mainly On 1). The people were very friendly and quite complimentary :). We definitely made a lot of new friends!

As far as dancing the Viennese waltz, we attended a bona fide formal Viennese ball (yes, I know!) at the Rathaus (city hall -- a truly magnificent structure inspite of its name :). We expected to hear a lot of waltzes, foxtrotses, and such. But the band's repertoire encompassed a broader spectrum: music from the 60's through the 90's with a smattering of waltzes, for good measure. So, we waltzed, and hustled, and swung, and gringo salsaed the night away :). I was looking for a few mice, a pumpkin and someone with magic wand to complete the scene...well, perhaps next time, eh?

Oh, forgot to mention, Cist and I got to hook up here in Philly! I took him and his friend salsa dancing, of course. Oh, what fun! I am even more resolute in my contention that salsa really has no boundaries.

Now everybody go forth and salsa! On the 1, On the 2, or on the BOOYAH, Baby!!!

Yes, Viennese Waltz is much promoted because of Strauss. But they never tell you about Richard's little brother Javier, who wrote several excellent mambos in the 19th century. In fact, a little research will show you that there is not only Viennese Waltz, but Viennese Hustle, Viennese Shag, and even Viennese Macarena. The Viennese Mambo is typically danced in leder hosen to the classic song "Sonrisas y lagrimas" which most people don't realize was the inspiration for Debussy's "Claire de Lune" and also for an American musical which was bizarrely retitled.

Anyway, so much for my reflections on Viennese Waltz and Viennese Salsa; I shall now return to lurking. 8)

GR -- that's some pretty funny stuff. I was totally unaware of Strauss, The Younger's existence. They are a talented lot, eh? The Viennese Macarena -- that makes me giggle :lol:


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