Salsa Instructional DVD reviews

I have always been a fan of buying salsa instructional DVDs and practicing moves from them with my dance partner. I own 39 salsa DVDs and I have owned and gave away easily a dozen of video tapes. I'm convinced these practice sessions were more beneficial for my salsa dancing than the group classes at the local dance studio.

The only problem is that most dance instructors sell their DVDs from their own web site and you never know if you are going to buy a great DVD or a worthless piece of junk. For the longest time I wished for a central database of salsa DVDs where every one could submit their reviews. This way salsa students would not have to waste money on buying junk DVDs, and instructors would have a easy venue to promote their wares.

So, 5 months ago I got off my lazy butt and started working on a web site that would work as such a database. Here it is, ready for you to enjoy:

I currently list 124 DVDs produced by 28 world renowned salsa instructors. Naturally, I have not seen all these DVDs and I cannot by myself to review them all. I invite all salsa dancers who have bought salsa DVDs to submit your reviews. Anyone can submit a review (pending moderation, I hate spam as much as you all do).

More than that. I'm sure there are more instructors out there who produce DVD that I have never heard of. Any one can freely submit instructor and DVD profiles to our database. The verified DVD producers are allowed to edit those instructor and DVD profiles at any time.

So, if you are a lesser known or a foreign salsa instructor with DVDs, there is no better place for you to promote your DVDs.

Thank you.


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