Salsa! The Movement and The Forum in the Philippines!

Hi! My name is Ares. I recently found a group of salseros here in the Philippines. The idea was not to put up another professional dance group but to stir awareness and interest on salsa among Filipinos. This is an attempt to gather those who has passion for salsa - musicians, singers, dancers, listeners - to come together and support the growth of this type of music and dance. While the music and dance elicit fun, there is more in Salsa for Filipinos. I believe that Salsa awakens our hispanic heritage (as it does to mine) which was dampen with current influx of Anglo-American influences since the Spain ceded the islands to the Americans. This could be our second and last hope to reappropriate our hispanic heritage. This could be our last hope to bring back the soul of our hispanic lineage. The first one was in the 50s when mambo and cha-cha influenced my parents, but they were not able to pass these to us because of lack of community/media support. To ensure that our culture is preserved, I decided to use the internet to rally support, using Salsa as my entry point. This entails getting support from the grassroots and the tri-media. This also entails support from international hispanic community.

Specifically, a particular support that one may give is to participate creating interest in Salsa, a popular dance sweeping around the world

So, if you are here in the Philippines, if you are a Filipino, or if you are from another country but will be visiting the Philippines, or if you simply wish to support us, simply join and sign up at the url below.

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