Salsaweekend at Stenungsbaden, Gothenburg Sweden 18-20 March

Huascar Saavedra presents
Salsaweekend at Stenungsbaden 18-20 March 2005

Featuring the UK foremost Salsa Team THE LATIN COLLECTION
- Joseph Davids & Nikki Britton
- Mauro Casali & Leslie Mercer
- Tizai Rungano & Jenni Brennan
- Michael Blaskett & Haxra Halim

And from Gothenburg
- Marcelo Valderrama
- Huascar Saavedra
- Katarina Wiklund

There will be more than 40 hours of workshops and masterclasses at al levels in salsa covering:
- Cuban &Linear (x-body) style
- On1, on2
- La Rueda
- Rumba
- Cha-cha-cha
- Shines
- Body Isolation & Styling
- Tricks and dips
- 5 amazing shows
- 2 parties

And the price level is awesome. For 1695 SEK (about 244.2 $ or 129.9 £) you get all the lessons, food, party and room for one night.
(One of Huascars principles is that you must get as much fun as possible for the lowest possible cost :wink: :D )

If you ever have planed to go to Sweden – why don’t you go and meet the spring dancing Salsa at the Swedish West coast.

You will soon get more information at or call Huascar at Sweden (0)31 215960

I will surley be's my homecounty :D

The cost covers:

18 of March
1 Party on friday the (no food and no hotelroom)

19-20 of March
All classes, all food (including bolvian breakfast :shock: 8)), 1 party and room for the night

The price is great. Perhaps it i sso good that some of you might come here by air or ferry or.....

25 persons has already signed up for coming from GB!
The whole weekend can cost as little as ~£150 . Flight from GB included

Today I recieved a newsletter fom David Joseps one of the teachers. He descibes so much better what I have wanted to tell you so I choose to publish the complete letter. He has written about a few details that are missing in my text above. And of course - English is his native tounge...

(Stenungsbaden is a nice hotell 50 km north of Gothenburg, Sweden)

David Josephs (The Latin Collection) said:

Some of you will know that I do a lot of guest teaching both across the UK and also abroad. On one of my recent trips I took Niki Britton and Mauro Casali with me to a weekender in Gothenburg -Sweden (also in the company of David Solomon). The weekend was such a success that they asked me to bring my entire team out there for the big Gothenburg Festival which is to be held from Friday 18 - Sunday 20 March at a luxury hotel and spa complex just north of the city.

(these are just a selection of comments which we received by email after the event)

"you and your friends weer reallt good .hope some day i can be like that. and if you want to visit Sweden some day just mail me" message from Simon Utas (Russia)

"I'm really looking forward to next salsaweekend where you are going to teach again. Your class was one of the best I have ever attended.....Yes you did a great job at Uddevalla. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) was so pleased with you. You taught us dance and how to cooperate - true partnerwork." message from Bettina Andersen (Sweden)

Over 800 people from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and the rest of Europe are expected to attend the events which are organised by Huascar Saavedra & Marcelo Valderama of There will be 40 hrs Workshops & Masterclasses at all-levels in Salsa covering: Cuban & X-Body Style, on1 and on2, La Rueda, Rumba & Afro-Cuban Rhythms, Cha-Cha, Shines, Body Isolation & Styling, Tricks/Dips plus classes in Merengue and Bachata. All this plus 9 Amazing Showcases from some of the hottest dance acts in Europe and 2 Fantastic Parties in the company of some of the friendliest people in the World.

Your SALSAWEEKEND GOLD PASS is only £115 includes access to:
Friday 18 March - Join us at the Welcome Party at The SalsaBoat RioRio, Roselundsplatsen 1, Gothenburg (20.00-22.00 Classes in X-body Style Salsa then party until 4am with music from Huascar & DJ Big Les)

Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 March - Take part in 40hrs of workshops, masterclasses & parties in the setting of the luxury Quality Hotel - Stenungsbaden

The Gold Package also includes:

a. hotel room (based upon 2 sharing - although chalet type rooms and suites can be arranged) with free access to the sauna and spass, swimming pool, gym and health facilities.

b. all the meals (breakfast, lunch and evening meal - dress to impress affair)

c. access to all the parties (there are 3 rooms of dance including an RnB room etc)

The only extra cost is the flights which at the moment are from as little as £40 return (inc taxes etc). So, the whole weekend can cost as little as ~£150. NOW 25 people are flying out with us on one of 3 Ryanair flights to Gothenburg City Airport. If you too are interested in coming to Sweden with us (or if you are own of our Scandinavian members and want to join us in Stenungsbaden) then just contact us by email. or

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