Satin dance shoes - how to clean them?


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I've just found my old dance shoes which I haven't used for a couple of years. The problem is that they have been kept in a cupboard with other old shoes and as a result they now smell like ... old shoes! I want to use them now as i've taken up my dancing lessons again but I can't just go there and spread that 'wonderful aroma' across the hall.
So here's my question - how can I wash my satin shoes without damaging them? Or at least how can I make the smell of old shoes go away?


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Thank you for both the warm welcome and the links to the other topics and sorry for posting a new one :) My shoes look nearly the same as the ones from the picture I've uploaded.
I've read the replies to the other topics but I still hesitate (I'm a bit of a coward by nature) - so, if I sink them in a basin of relatively warm water with some soft soap nothing tragical will happen to them and I'll get rid of the smell?



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I haven't completely submerged mine myself, though I do believe the other posters who say that it's fine. I typically get good enough results from a soapy washcloth (and then rinsing with a non-soapy washcloth). If it's wetting the soles that's worrying you, you could try the washcloth method first and dry them either in the dryer or in bright sun, and see if that does the trick. If not, then you can try the full basin method, and just brush the soles well after they're dry.


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I have washed my shoes, both with the washcloth method, and with the submerge method. Both work. What brand are your shoes? Some hold up better than others.


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Just danced with my newly washed shoes!
I combined the submerge method with the washcloth one and let them dry - everything was fine and the smell is almost gone :) Thanks to everyone! ^^
P.S. - as for the brand --> Rummos ;-)

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