Scientists identify sexy dance moves


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Only a control group of 35 women? And only 19 dances? Sounds like it's open for alot of cultural/racial bias. JK, it's actually pretty cool, but yeah, I'd take it with a grain of salt.
Heh. Any single scientific paper should be taken with a grain of salt, except possibly for some meta-analyses. Results need to be quantifiable and reproducible by other independent researchers. Otherwise, we're talking cold fusion here and I don't mean the Adobe server. ;)

An interesting study though.


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Just because women pay more attention to certain movements doesn't necessarily mean they're better right? If you see something odd, it'll get your notice, but it doesn't mean the odd thing is better than the other options.
This is really cool! Where can I find the documents for this study?

I believe that there is more to dancing that makes it sexy. Like the dynamic between two people and the sexual tension, however it's still intersting to see what these "scientists" say.

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