Scott Coates resigns from USA Dance Governing Council


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"Up to this point, the last “elected” officer standing from the last election, other than Glenn, was me. That is no longer the case, as I am resigning effective immediately. With my resignation, that makes 5 officers and 1 dancesport delegate to do so in less than 5 months. WOW!! Probably a record.

You’ve read the well written letters from our other elected members that have resigned before me, so mine will be short and to the point. I’ve always been one to try to finish what I start, but continuing on this path I cannot do. I managed to stay on as VP of my chapter for 19 years, before moving on to being a dancesport delegate, and then stepping up to take the treasurer’s position to help straighten out the financial mess that the previous administration put us into. I’ve learned a lot about governance, and what we are supposed to do for ALL our members, Social and DanceSport. All of a sudden though, my voice and my vote don’t matter. My opinion isn’t worth listening to. If my voice and opinions no longer matter, then I can’t continue to try to govern as I know we should. We have learned very quickly that it’s Glenn’s way or the highway, as he has managed to shut your elected officers down. And now, after some of the resignations appear publicly, a new Confidentiality agreement that must be signed by all GC members has been voted on. As you can already guess, there was only one “NO” vote…Me. Transparency, that was promised, is now gone. That’s the last straw. I will now devote my time to another project. (Golf)

Now is maybe not the time to editorialize, but our members need to step up and question the GC about why the large number of resignations and what caused them. That many resignations of long time volunteers over such a short period of time must speak volumes about something being wrong at the top of this organization.

I waited this long to resign as I had to make sure that the company could continue to function with my absence. Prior to my resigning, I appointed Esther Freeman and Stan Andrews to the positions of assistant treasurer, and had them added to the bank accounts so that they will be able to keep the company running. Although resigned, I will be available to help them if they should need my assistance with something they are not familiar with."

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