Secret Facts about DF members

Come on, fess up, we've all got secrets that we rarely share on the dance floor. Hobby no one knows about, secret talent, like something unusal? Share with us!

I'll go first....I was a runner up in a Miss Teen Vermont pageant when I was in High School...... :oops:
Lots of people viewing, but non of you seem to have any sort of life outside of dancing.

Here's another for you: I use to build model rockets and launch them...not so practical a hooby in NYC, but a lot of fun.


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I just don't have any secrets. I've said here before that I used to be a rave DJ and have played in many locations on both the East and West coasts -- and this was back 10 years ago when the parties were still "underground," as it were. I've also mentioned here that, before I turned to dressmaking and slacking, that I used to be a computer programmer. I even mentioned on another thread that a letter I sent into got published (it was about Star Wars). I guess my only "secret" is one our dear founder figured out himself, but it's not really about *me* exactly (but rather my hubby).

I'm just not a mysterious person!


Oh, I forgot one, but I've told this story before too: when I was 18 I met the old King of Jordan's younger brother (so the uncle of the current king) and he asked me to cruise the Mediterranean on his yacht. My mother NO. She did, however, play backgammon with his bodyguard (we were on the QE2 going from Southampton to New York at the time).
My first language was French. I didn't learn to speak English until I went in school. I rarely get to speak French these days.

In addition to R&B and all "island" music - I love Kenny Rogers and Anne Murray.

I was a fan of "hair bads" of the 80s/90s. (Poison, Whitesnake, BonJovi, etc.)

Though I tell people I don't mind being short, I would love to be few inches taller.
Left Feet? "Hooby"...sounds dangerous...

If I had the chance to try a new/different activity every day, I would.
I show dogs in AKC Conformation.
I like to horseback ride, snow ski, figure skate and swim.
I played soccer and was a cheerleader in college (BTW, I abhore cheerleaders).
I twirled rifle in high school, was guard captain my senior year and was the Guard Member of the Year when I graduated.
I was a nominee for the Allegany County Student of the Year.
I am an honorary member of Who's Who.
I have a bachelor's degree.
I was the webmaster of a hard rock station.
I worked with Sean Hannity for a week.
I am a Republican.
I modeled from the time I was 18 to age 26 (I'm a 3rd generation model...grandmother and mother modeled).
I was a runner-up in the Miss Allegany County pageant.
I was born in Las Vegas on an Air Force base.

I'm not shy. :)
TemptressToo said:
Left Feet? "Hooby"...sounds dangerous...
I played soccer and was a cheerleader in college (BTW, I abhore cheerleaders).
OH OH<< ME TOO! But in High School. And the rest of our cheerleaders were none to bright, so they never got it when I was being sarcastic and mocking them....

Now that the lists are coming out:

-Not only was I head cheerleader for three years, but I was also head majorette
-I use to play the bass clarinet
-I wrote sports for a local paper in Vermont
-Keanu Reeves invited me to dinner*
-I was publication chair of the New York Young Republican Club for a year
-During the 2004 GOP Convention I got to shake George W. Bush's hand
-I read over 60 books a year, most of them classic novels and biographies
-I've been maintaining blogs for 6 years now, my current one being about swing dancing
-I was in a sorority for a year and then quit
-I lived in the boys dorm in college due to an abundance of female students
-I'm a member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a youth member of the New York City Opera
-My stepfather adopted me when I was 13 (he's the rocket influence)
-I'm a Lord of the Rings Junkie
-previously mentioned I do freelance graphic design, I also do freelance calligraphy
-I have an extra heart beat
-My goal is to visit each continent (Antarctica included), so far I've been to Africa, Europe, and Asia (live in North America)...As France is the extent of Europe I need to go back

*in college I was assistant and then chair of the concert committee, we had Keanu's band Dogstar come play. The speakers blew right before soundcheck and we had to bring dinner to the dressing room where he invited me to join them and eat. Doing concerts I also got to hang out with Dave Matthews, Nelly, and Garbage
True, but somethings are interesting...I just found out recently that one of my favorite leads use to be a professional dirt bike racer...something I NEVER would have expected of him. It was cool to learn a little more about him.
All right, I'll have a crack at this:

I was born in Easington, County Durham, in the North-East of England.

My favourite food is cheese and I like many different varieties. Current favourites include gran padano, halloumi and stilton, but really dry, sharp mature cheddar is my first cheese love.

I'm also somewhat partial to red wine.

I work as an administrator for a tribunal. As I work in Wales, I answer the telephone at work in English and Welsh.

I am a trade unionist.

Oh yeah, and I can mashed potato although I'm not sure I can do the twist :D :D :D


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I played softball as a young girl with Alan Alda's daughters.

I was in a serious car accident, resulting in 32 stitches near my eye and the biggest, swollen lips (sorry Angelina Jolie, had you beat!) when I was in my early 20's. Alcohol was a factor (I was the passenger), but had it not been, I probably would have gone completely through the windshield instead of just smashing it and falling back into my seat.

Cheerleader in highschool (although it's nothing like what these girls do today!).

Higher than a kite at my highschool graduation. If it weren't for my very long bangs, I'm sure the gig would have been up!
I used to play A grade club netball while at school. Was also in the club's A grade softball team. Couldn't actually hit the ball until it was discovered I was short sighted and I got glasses.

17 years later I got lasic eye surgery so I don't need to wear glasses anymore!


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Ms_Sunlight said:
Well, if we're going to brag about secret accomplishments, I can put my entire fist into my mouth!
:shock: And you also get it out again?

I have been working as an unskilled worker, parking attendant, reprograph, photograph, scientist, magician, musician, computer programmer, salesman, business manager. Wonder what comes next.

Maybe comedy dancer (involuntary) :D
Hmmm...I don't really think I have any interesting talents or exciting background info but here are a few things off the top of my head:

~ Like a few others mentioned, I was a cheerleader in high school, captain my senior year.

~ I graduated college (two associate degrees) with a 4.0 GPA but am scared to take the leap for my bachelors (which is only another two years...a fear of failure as I tend to be a perfectionist).

~ I own a few tapes from the Carmen Electra "strip" workout video series...(Not to learn for public performances, but I did just get married you know :twisted: )

~ I love vanilla soft-serve ice cream and eat it every time I get the chance.

~ I also really like air popped popcorn with strawberry wine.

See? They're all pretty boring. :?

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