Seeking a most serious salsa practice partner, in Montreal, male or female!

In preparation for the year 2006, I am seeking a partner for serious practice so that I can get working on my new year resolution - to improve my dancing a lot - right off the bat!

By serious, I just mean that you need to want to improve, and to be willing to take the steps necessary to achieve that goal. We don't need to practice 10 hours a week, even just one night out is fine if we take it seriously.

The reason I am especially seeking a partner is that I have purchased many DVDs (about 12) and I would like someone to learn what's in them with.

I have:
-All of supermario's "turn patterns" DVDs
-Orville's 2 DVDs
-5 DVDs from Seaon Brystol, obviously, still in the mail :)
-A few from Salsafreak and Al Esquinoza
-Some from Eric Freeman (salsaville)

I also have DVDs that I downloaded from the net... those include many styling, shines, patterns, etc. instructional videos.

I dance on1, am learning on2, and I am even interested in learning cuban :)

If someone is interested, we can work with the DVDs at either person's place, and then go to a club to dance and practice with others.

As the title says, I don't care if you are male/female, since I can lead the ladies, and if you are a guy, hey, we both get free lessons out of this. We can learn to follow and express our girly side with no judgement! teehee

I don't care what people are gonna say. And if you are shy, we can do this at the privacy of our home. But hey, girls are still especially welcomed.

I've been dancing for almost 4 years and I guess I can lead decently, so that's my intro, hopefully there are others from my city here.

My email is or you can write here with your contact info.

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