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I am 24 5'7". I have competed Pro/am in American Smooth and Int'l Latin. I have also competed in Pre-Nov, Nov, and Pre-Champ Latin in both NDCA and collegiate events, also, I am the current US National Pro/Am Salsa Champ-Silver (at Emerald Ball 2005). I am very competitive in my dancing and ambitious in my goal setting (I want to go to Blackpool in 4 years or less). I am in the Los Angeles, CA area. I have a full time job, so try/outs and/or practice would be in the evenings and weekends. If you are interested or know of someone that is looking for a partner please PM me. Thanks.

standardgirl said:
If you ever decide to dance standard, maybe I can think about relocation. ;)
Actually I've had a little standard training and I like it... if I decide to compete in Standard I'll let you know... ;) I would love to be a 10-dancer...

Thanks for the interest...
Why is Cali so far? I'm 22, 5'3", looking for a latin partner, and I also do standard. But I'll be moving even farther away in a month, so no luck. Drat.

Good luck finding someone! (Can't imagine that it'd be too hard in LA?)
I mentioned it, but it was in a small, buried thread. :)

I'm moving to Athens, OH at the end of June - I'll be starting my master's in music performance at Ohio University in the fall.

The downside - there's no dancing in Athens, and Columbus is 1.5 hrs away. So dancing on weekends only.

The upside - I'm (hopefully) going to go see OSB next time it happens. Hurrah!


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Excellent! Athens rings a bell, although I think there's one in Georgia, too (home of REM, or Kim Bassinger...useless knowledge coming to front part of brain).

Well, I look forward to hearing you peform in the Boston or New York Symphony some day ;)


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;) Sorry, my "motherly" ways shine through a bit too much sometimes. I want people to see the glass half full, I suppose.

Anyway, back to our friend's search for a partner....(sorry 'bout that!)

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