Seeking name of a move I saw

At a dance last night I saw a couple do this fairly simple move:

From Open Position, the couple separated (I didn't see what the lead was) and the Leader did a Right Turn while the Follower did a Left Turn, ending in Open Position.

Did I describe that well enough that you more experienced dancers know what move I saw?

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.
DanceMentor, they were holding hands before the turn, but during the turn they were not connected at all.

They did not change places; they turned on the spot.

Thanks for being patient with my lousy description.
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twnkltoz, thanks for the hint.

I googled, found a 'back to back turn' on youtube (), and that is indeed a variant of what I was trying (poorly, I admit) to describe.

Thank you so much!
Sounds like you were describing a free spin. Both lead and follow do a turn and then connect back in open position. You can stylize with a clap halfway through the turn or other variations.

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