Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

It is a dark , but touching movie for pushing the boundaries of an artist. You may like or dislike the method of the maestro, but the movie itself is great and I love the acting.

A Monster Calls
The stories within a story. A difficult time for a kid and family and the struggle with truth and growing up at the same time.

These two pop up in my mind and I replay some scenes in mind.

Not typical hollywood (I kept "small letter" on purpose) movies.Feel free to share what you think. I call those type of movies "heavy movies'", you carry the story and the load for a while.


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I loved whiplash...and most of the people I know who have watched it have misunderstood what I think the end point is...which isn't to glorify that sort of pushing by the mentor, but rather to show that in the end, the student can rise above that sort of abuse and survive the abusive treatment that once drove them to be great which almost destroyed them and become even stronger than their abuser/mentor....


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I've seen The Post, Lady Bird and The Shape of Water recently, and enjoyed all.

I think Tom Hanks was cheated out of Best Actor nomination for The Post. I think Laurie Metcalf should win Best Supporting Actress for Lady Bird, but probably Allison Janney will win Best Supporting Actress for I, Tonya. I think The Shape of Water will win best picture along with a lot of other awards.


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In past two days, seen/watched: The Post, The Good Shepherd, The Greatest Showman, and Seabiscuit. Hard to pick a weakest link out of that magnificent bunch. Most fun: Greatest Showman. Wow, am I glad I saw that IN THE THEATER. Cannot recommend highly enough -- and that surprised me, a lot. I was going to skip it.


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Annihilation. Pretty good, but I think I would have liked it better with more (and more careful) science, and less soundtrack. Actually the soundtrack really detracted from the movie, for me.

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