Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

I'm still somewhat bored with American film. Mostly you see them just reworking old stories, because there aren't any new ones. What I find watching films from other countries is they don't always follow the typical narative:

good people encounter a problem or bad people
good people almost lose
good people win

Sometimes in Japanese or Chinese films (maybe other places too):

good people or encounter a problem or bad people
great trials the good people go through
sometimes the good people lose at the end

But there are still beautiful stories and lessons.

I watched this one last night

Great movie about teenagers in Beijing during the Cultural Revolution.

Also what is great about foreign films is you see what other people's lives are like that are quite different than your own. You start to realize there is a culture that has been somewhat pre-packaged for your consumption, but definitely not a reflection of all that life and the World has to offer!
Pygmalion, just yesterday I saw the film “Hello, My Name is Doris” (2015) with Sally Field and Tyne Daly. I enjoyed it and I thought Sally Field and also others in the movie were terrific.


Steve Pastor

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I don't even remember seeing that "High Strung" was playing anywhere around here, but I saw it this weekend and thought it was a pretty good film with lots of dance.

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