Selling my red/black Chrisanne gown and two more

I'm selling my three ballroom gowns. My best gown is the red/black Chrisanne, for which I'm asking $1200 OBO. It's been worn about 7-8 times and it's in excellent condition.

The size on the website was UK 12 and the size of the tag that came with it is UK 14, but the tag must have a typo, because the dress is on the smaller side. I would say it's about size Small (4-6). I'm 5'8" and the length fits me perfectly, although it's on the shorter side, so I'd say it would fit well for height 5'6" to 5'8".

I had a professional seamstress lengthen the dress by 1. adding a lycra insert to the under-layer bodice and 2. adding a black crinoline rim to one of the bottom layers, thus creating a 3-tier effect on the skirt, which was originally 2-tier. I've used all identical Chrisanne materials for the alteration (lycra and crinoline) and it should be reversible if you need to shorten the dress back to its original length.

The dress comes with a matching Chrisanne choker, blue Chrisanne dress bag and the original Chrisanne tag. I will also include the 3 matching hair decorations and matching earrings, which I made by applying about 8 gross of 2.8mm hotfix light siam Swarovski crystals to a black lace appliqué.

Here is a link to the dress in action: www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=rMLNtq62tlE

2511x.jpg 6170k.jpg 8487i.jpg 8506i.jpg p1526599024-5.jpg Image.jpg p1526712514-5.jpg p1526724576-5.jpg
The next dress I'm selling is the orange/fuchsia gown, for which I'm asking $500 OBO. It's a no-name brand and was originally made just orange with yellow flowers and cheap brown & silver stones. I gave it an upgrade when I revamped the dress as follows:

1) Added fishing rod and ruffled fuchsia trim to the hem (the material is fuchsia tulle with golden sparkles; note that the sparkles tend to shed)
2) Added an underskirt for fullness, made out of fuchsia chiffon with fuchsia tulle trim
3) Removed the silver stones and replaced them with over 10 gross of swarovski 4.7mm hotfix fuchsia rhinestones (10G in xilion rose cut and about 1G in rose cut)
4) Colored silver trim in fuchsia and revamped yellow flowers with the fuchsia chiffon/tulle fabric and rhinestones
5) Added new floats with tulle trim

I'm 5'8" and the dress is a little long for me, so I would say it will best fit someone who is over 5'8". The size is Small/Medium, as the bodice is quite stretchy, so it can accommodate a range of sizes. I wore this dress more than 10 times (just 4-5 times recently, but I also used it a few times before the revamp). The dress is in good overall shape, but it has a tear a few inches long just below the hip area, from when I stepped on one of the skirt sections in a comp. I stitched it up, but it is visible, though I don't think it stands out. I will add a picture of it a little later.

The dress comes with a matching choker/necklace and 2 matching flower hair decorations, all revamped with the new color to match the dress. I'll also include a tulle hair decoration that fits around a bun; I made it by sewing ruffled tule to a large pink hair band.

Don't mind the unfinished stoning on some of the pictures, as they were taken at various points in time! I'll try to make a few additional pictures soon.

Here is a link to the dress in action (note that it is not yet restoned in this video): www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=bHW000BmTw4

4X6-1-ohid6335.jpg 4X6-1-ohio2774.jpg DSC00027.jpg DSC00027-2.jpg DSC00028.jpg IMG_0554 (ZF-2409-42791-1-001).jpg p1283598172-4.jpg
The final dress I'm selling is a light pink gown, for which I'm asking $200 OBO. I've worn it once and it was only worn a handful of times other than that, as far as I know, and it's in a good condition. I don't think the stones are Swarovski, but they are big and bright. The size is X-Small (0-2) and the length would be best for someone 5'4" to 5'7". The only thing I've done to it is sewn in a fuchsia chiffon underskirt with tulle trim (same as for the orange dress) to add fullness, but you could easily take it out (you can't see it in the picture, but it's there). The dress comes with large bracelets and a choker.

DSC01184.jpg DSC01195.jpg
Still have all three of these, including the pink gown, as the sale fell through. Red gown reduced to $1000 and orange gown reduced to $450. Message me for more pictures! I'll be at Embassy if you'd like to try on a gown then, just let me know in advance.

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