Selling my stunning Chrisanne Couture Gown


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I have this gorgeous Chrisanne Couture gown, bought at Blackpool Chrisanne booth, wore a few times, very visible on floor and still great condition. beautiful rich floats and skirts, have a lot of volumn on the floor and very noticeable. comes with necklace made of pearl & rhinestone. top quality make, a lot of detailed stone on bodice, very elegant, received many complements from the judges! Fits best on tall girl, 5'6" to 5'9", size 2-6. I bought it nearly 4k but now reduced to $2450.

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I'm very tall (5'10.5) and although I think I have a good physique (read not much fat) I am proportioned to that - and I have a relatively large bone structure. The result is that I need ~12. I've come down 2 sizes and am working on loosing some more but the bone structure will prevent me from ever getting below a 10 I think.

I had a thread once on the frustrations of trying to buy used gowns for tall women. Short women buy short gowns - but they also get to buy the tall ones and cut the skirts :(...


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I have 4 now, 3 in my possession, one zipper broken, in a seamtress's home waiting to be repaired. I once had 7 gowns, that's the most ridiculous time to own 7 gowns, that's when I just split with my ex...but now most of them sold
7 gowns IS probably one more than any relationship can reasonably take :D I only have two - and I'm not really happy with either. Both were made by a local seamstress who is actually pretty good and the work fine for the local AM comps here. However, they do not stand up to the OSB schollarship crowd (more money there than in Blackpool I suspect) - and hence I am always on the lookout for a tall size 6 (plus 6 ;)) gown...
I LOVE this gown...especially the color. It looks like it would work on any floor. Too bad you dance the same comps as my kids or I would try to trade you for Abby's gold dress.


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yes the color very very vibrant!!! dress appears to be slightly different shades of lavendar under different lighting, very bright and eye-catching, plus beautiful skirt & floats, a lot of volumn, no way you could be missed on the floor.

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