Semi Dirty Clothes


So what are your classifications for the "dirtiness" of clothes? Do you wear some pants more than once before cleaning them? Do you keep the varying classifications in different places?

What about bathing suits? Bath robes? Towels?
And if you have only, two classifications, clean and dirty, who does your laundry for you? :pomp:

Finally, and I hope its not true, you don't wear your undergarments more than once, do you?
(ex. flip them over and use them again!) :rofl:


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If they have gunk or funk, they go into the washer or to the cleaners.

Underwear are not multi-use garments IMO.


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Bras multiple times. Panties, one and done. Most clothes that I wear out in the world get multiple wears usually, as I change immediately when i get home into a t-shirt and shorts/sweats or pjs. Those get worn one and done. Towels at my house are generally used once. I like a nice clean dry towel when I get out of the shower.


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shirts, never wear twice, I am a walking furnace, woman of a certain age, I just wouldn't do that to anyone and done

I will occasionally wear a pair of non workout pants, like jeans maybe three times and then wash them....

towels=once on my body but I may save them dirty to lay down on the floor as I get out of the shower or to wipe out the inside of the tub after I am done

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