Seventh Annual Boston University Terrier Dancesport Competition


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Try to avoid scheduling 3 sessions a day, unless you have a very consistent schedule year to year. For instance, had BU advertised:
Sat AM: Syllabus Standard
Sat PM: CHampionship/Show/Syllabu Latin

Sun AM: Syllabus Smooth
Sun PM: Novice/Formation/Syllabus RHythm

Then there would have been only two hard-fast times to stick to throughout te day, without needing to kill 2 hours between published start times 2 times a day. This would require putting championship and shows in the middle of the day however....

Alternatively don't seperate the Novice/Formation team to sunday night, move them to saturday, so you have 1 three session day and 1 two session day (besides people will want to leave early on sunday to get home/ready for the work week, if at all possible

I also support running through the session as efficiently as possible, giving out the awards, and then running whatever extra fun dances/general dances are needed to fill out the time, after very publicly announcing when the competitive events will re-convene.

I might be a little old-fashioned about this, but I really like to see the runners in nicer clothes than sweats.... Don't know if the judges really care though

The whole "return your numbers between days thing".... stupid Sounds like I heard of more numbers lost that were returned to the desk, then I hear about at other two day comps that trust people to get their own numbers across the days...
The original plan was to host all Open events and performances Saturday evening, but many members of the competition committee disagreed with this idea and we split the performance/Champ and Novice/Formation. At this point I get to say "I told you so" to the committee and we'll put them all together next year. ;)

The "return your numbers" idea slipped beneath my radar. Someone else made that decision without consulting me and I agree, it is ridiculous. It is up to teams to keep track of their own numbers (and that's why they have team captains). We will never do that again.

In regards to scheduling, I think that we are going to start later in the day both days in order to keep cozy within the schedule. We'll also shoot for finishing early on Sunday, especially since we will not be hosting the event during a three-day weekend next year.

How did people feel about separating events via American v. International?


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is there already a date for next year? :)
Tentatively shooting for February 7th & 8th next year, if we can get the venue. Reason being: La Classique is the following weekend, and Eastern, which is literally down the street and around the corner from BU, is the weekend after that. BU would be a wonderful warm-up for competitors planning to attend either! ;)


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um, NielsenE? When are more results going to be loaded into the system? I'm sure there are people who have pointed out in the last few comps, but it's not showing up.
Just got Brown07, Tufts07, Yale08, BU08 loaded into the result tracker. I think that's all I have...


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I believe UConn 07 is/was already posted.

Thanks Eric!
Ah, correct. My brain fart :rolleyes:. Must've been thinking of Brown, which wasn't added til now. Holy Cross 07 is missing though, and previously Harvard Beginners' was included (which I don't agree with personally), but 07 isn't.


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I don't get results that I can load unless I scrutineer it.... so no Holy Cross 07, no HBC this year.... or unless someone else does a lot of work to convert the format to something I cna work with...


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I was there as a spectator on Saturday to see the Pro show and the Champ level events. I LOVED the pro show!! Jose and Joanna were phenomenal! I had a great time watching the champ level stuff and am happy to say that DF's own Blue Tango won the Latin event. Congrats to you again!

I found parking to be easy, which I was not prepared for so it made me even happier to find a spot on the street just 2 blocks away.

BM did a superb job at running the event, yay you!

I'm only sorry that I couldn't make it back to BU on Sunday but I ending up spending all day at the New England Aquarium. If you think ballroom competitions are loud try going to the Aquarium on the first day of February school vacation.

BM, I hope you were able to sleep in on Monday, you earned it.


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BM did a superb job at running the event, yay you!
Thank you Merrylegs, this year was even more rewarding than last year. I truly love what I do, and it is so wonderful to receive such positive feedback. Aside from the whole running waaay ahead of schedule all weekend and the weak communication regarding the later start on Sunday, I have heard absolutely no complaints regarding the comp. Although it makes me a little suspicious (Don't even want to think about angry mutterings! ;)), on the other hand, I am incredibly proud of what we put together this year.

BM, I hope you were able to sleep in on Monday, you earned it.
I did a little, but not nearly as much as I wanted to. I ignored a lot of "real life" this weekend and now have to work overtime in order to catch up . . . Oh well: I have unlimited access to caffeine and I can sleep all I want when I'm dead. ::grins::


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My biggest source of irritation was all of the stoopid announcements that if you did not return your numbers in the envelope on Saturday, you would not be allowed to dance on Sunday. In my head I'm thinking "Yeah, you just TRY and stop me" (especially after seeing someone compete in Champ Smooth on Saturday night wearing a hand-written number). I and some others I spoke to did not care much for the MC. Other than that, no major complaints. OK, that warp-speed Viennese Waltz during the first round of Smooth was not particularly enjoyable :rolleyes:.
What warp-speed Viennese Waltz? Only one tempo allowed for American VW and it is 54mpm and so that is all I play (everything recorded into the computer at correct tempo and is played at comps just about every week without ever hearing a peep about tempo). So unless I intentionally speed up or slow down the song while it is playing (something that was never done this weekend) then it is the correct speed.

Much Love,
Dave Innis


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No offense meant. Russell seemed concerned about the song, and even said something to the effect of "hold on to your partner for dear life" during that round and "getting sympathy from the judges". I am certain that I have experienced slower Am VWs at other comps before, but not having a built-in tempo detector inside me, I cannot say what it was.
Well I do know that some songs certainly "sound" faster than others. It especially happens when I speed up a song quite a bit, and even though I have the software that keeps the pitch/voice/key the same, the music still does sound much faster than it actually is (and the reverse happens when I slow down the tempos on faster songs). But I do promise that everything is the correct tempo in my computer --- did that way to idiot-proof it for those 3 and 4 day comps when I just start to burn out and not having to worry about the tempo makes life much easier.

Happy Dancing,
Dave ;)

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