Sheraton--Not my favorite chain hotel for competitions!


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So I just tried to book a room for the Philadelphia Festival. The room block for the competition had a rate of $153/night, but the block is sold out. Fair enough. The rate was only guaranteed through March 14th and I obviously should have booked it earlier.

She was willing to offer me $294. Now, nothing necessarily wrong with that either (other than the fact that I've stayed in Sheratons before and I've NEVER stayed in one nice enough to merit that kind of price!), but why am I seeing a rate of $241--more than $50/night cheaper-- on Expedia?!? And I haven't even checked out the other hotel discount sites yet.

Even less impressive: when I mentioned this to the person at reservation, she did not offer to match the rate. Many other hotels of comparable quality have "lowest rate guarantee" rates on their own website.

I am annoyed with myself for not having booked earlier, but I am also annoyed because this was just not impressive customer service.

Oh, and just for fun, I checked rates on the same hotel for THIS weekend, and I can get a rate as low as $164 (non-refundable).

P.S. It probably doesn't help that my last experience with a Sheraton involved being told there would be a mini-fridge in my room, "no problem," only to show up to NO mini-fridge and allegedly none available. Then another family who checked in later and had not requested a mini-fridge got one. Not a big deal in the grander scheme of things, but also not fabulous customer service.

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