Should you go to privates if you are sick?

Ok, so last night I was feeling pretty nauseous. I think I just stressed myself out too much after last week. I almost thought about calling in, but it was to late to do so by the time I could actually call. I went to my lesson anyways. I told him that I wasn't feeling well. He asked me what we should work on, and I said anything that wasn't fast. We worked on the slower dances like Night Club etc. stuff that we never work on during lessons. I did learn a lot though about that dance. We also worked on frame again, and by george I think I have that down now! He explained the frame better etc., so I feel as though we had a great lesson!

I just felt bad for showing up sick like that. I'm still struggling a little bit today even though I do feel better. But I have Swing tonight with my partner, and I am just dreading it! Should I even attempt to go to class? I know that tomorrow I have another private, and I need to be ready for that, because we will be doing fast dances. I felt bad for my partner last night, because I couldn't stay and do the Cha Cha. Just thinking about moving back and forth like that was making me nauseous. I don't know. I'm stuck. What do you all think a person should do in times like these? I know it's easy to say just stay home, but you have people counting on you etc. So, I'm at a complete loss right now. Thanks!


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Sometimes I actually dance better when I'm feeling ill. It's probably because I'm thinking less about the dancing, and I'm actually doing it. It also helps when I'm feeling not quite myself whatever medication I might be taking (over the counter or prescribed). Less thinking generally makes for much better dancing.

I have to be seriously ill to miss a lesson.


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Purr said:
Less thinking generally makes for much better dancing.
Glad to see I'm not the only one! Now, if only I could turn off the thinking now and again for lessons...

Regarding the OP: If you're contagious, definitely don't go. If you're not--I say go to a private lesson (so long as you're not actively sick, so to speak). Even if you don't feel up to a full-on lesson, there are always other things you can work on. Or, you could use it as a good time to ask questions about things, which IME leads to a lesson with very little actual dancing.

I hear ya' on the being too sick to dance. I'm missing my second week of group classes, and I had to back out of a private lesson this past weekend b/c I didn't want to get others sick. I'm now super cranky b/c of it. I better not be sick by Friday--I can't stand to go another couple of weeks without a lesson/dancing. I'll be postal.


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Sick ?

From a pro-- please - please stay home, you may affect my income .How would you feel if I came in sick ? ( rhetorical )
Well, to the pros... I know that I am not contagious. I wouldn't have gone last night otherwise. But you are right that I have to think about your income if I do get more sick than I was yesterday. That is something to consider in the future.

And to the others that have said that they danced better somewhat by being ill lol, that's how I felt last night. I was able to get through a song without losing our communication, which means that my posture and frame was right on last night lol! Of course that might have happened, because I was just so out of it that I didn't feel nervous or anything about doing it lol.

But I did go home after that. I couldn't bear to do the Cha Cha with my partner for fear I might end up hurling on the poor guy. You do not want to sway back and forth when you do not feel good let me tell you lol.

Anyways, I am feeling better. I haven't eaten at all today though. So, I need to make myself eat. I tend to do this though when I am under stress. Does anyone else get this way when they are under stress?


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I usually cancel if I'm not feeling well. I don't want to spend the money on a lesson if I'm not going to be able to give it my all.


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To the pros: I'd never ever go to a lesson if I had/thought I had any sort of illness that would affect others. Eeew.

But there does seem, to me at least, to be a difference between a stress-induced "make no sudden movements" sickness and a cold.

If I had to cancel every lesson where I felt like crap I'd never dance. Between chronic headaches, general back pain, a pinched nerve, the general malaise (read: hit-by-a-short-buss kind of feeling) I feel when I'm overtired, and the nausea I feel from too much caffeine I'm usually feel sick to some degree.
Peaches said:
If I had to cancel every lesson where I felt like crap I'd never dance. Between chronic headaches, general back pain, a pinched nerve, the general malaise (read: hit-by-a-short-buss kind of feeling) I feel when I'm overtired, and the nausea I feel from too much caffeine I'm usually feel sick to some degree.
I agree. I had danced with everything that you had mentioned. Last night was hard for me, but I got through my lesson. I didn't stay for the Cha Cha, but I'm proud of myself for staying through my lesson even though I was counting down the minutes until it was over lol. I still feel nauseous though. I know I shouldn't go in tonight since I have two lessons tomorrow. It's just I'm tired of being in bed. I want to get up and do something lol. Ok, maybe it shouldn't be dancing, but I so want to go dancing and I can't lol. :(


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as a general rule...if you are running a temp you are likely contagious...if you are a mucous factory you are also a problem for people who have to touch you...getting over a cold or allergies are different...if you are just catching a cold...plz keep your butt home...if you are just getting over it, go ahead and work through it it you want, but like others have sad, realize that you won't be at your best...just my opinion...but we don't all need to get sick and since we're all touching and sweating if you come while contagious as opposed to just're gonna get us all sick...accidents happen, I have been on the giving and recieving end of cold sharing at the studio... but folks should make a good faith effort
I've danced private classes when sick before, and neither my partner nor teacher themselves became sick as a result.

The real problem was that it was very unproductive, as all I wanted to do was sleep. Big waste of money and everyone else's time, but then when I'm sick, the only exercise I get is the classes, so I can't really afford to skip them.
tangotime said:
You dont need a dance teacher-- you need a doctor to dance with . instant diagnosis !!( just kidding )
We actually had two doctors that were taking lessons for a while. I don't know what happened to them except that of course their lives are probably hectic lol. Darn... that's a good remedy though! I like it! :p


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I had a cold and called my teacher to see if he wanted me to cancel because although I was not running a fever or anything, I was coughing and sniffing a little and could not guarantee that he would not get anything. His response? "Come to your lesson! I (said he with a great deal of emphasis) do not get sick!" Hmmm...that sort of made me WANT to cough on him just to see if it was true, but I asked another of his students who had been with him longer and she was like, "no really, he never gets sick!" So in that case I went, but I think, given a different teacher, even if I didn't think I was contagious, I would call and ask first.


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I have a question for the pros who teach privates here:

How should a student handle a situation where they feel they might be coming down with something the day of their lesson, and have passed the normal 24 hour cancellation policy?

I would assume the student would rather not make the pro sick (nor the other students), but since they have passed the 24 hour period, they technically forfeit the money for their lesson if they don't go.

I would assume the pro would rather not see the student that day and would not mind waiving the 24 hour policy, but I just thought I'd ask if my assumption is correct....
CANCEL! Don't go when you are sick! I would be very angry if I came to a private lesson and I got sick because someone else didn't have the sense to stay home and instead came and passed germs along to my instructor. If I didn't get sick I would be angry if they got my instructor sick because then I couldn't take my lessons. Its just simply not a fair thing to do.
I wonder. If a teacher is sick, should s/he cancel lessons?

Good question. My old instructor came in one day after just having Laser Eye Surgery. Thankfully he was able to teach, but the whole time I kept saying, do you want to go home? We don't have contracts, so I wouldn't have lost any money. It's just that while I appreciated that kind of dedication, it was a bit distracting not knowing if he should have been dancing or lying down in bed during my lesson. I don't even remember what we worked on that day.

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