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hahah, thanks everyone. One of judges even said (when presenting awards) that it was sexiest showcase yesterday. Course, I credit that to her.

Heh, and Sam, she missed the routine (has seen it on video now), but was wearing that tank top rest of afternoon as I didn't want to change into my dinner clothes yet, and was told I will be getting a new latin shirt to show off all the work I've done working out (current latin shirt is a bit big and loose now, comapred to when I bought it)


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Oh, and besides pro (new buddy teacher) making me look good there, have to give credit to Jesse Desoto again. He choreographed this one and my tango I posted a while back. He always makes me look good. :)


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hahaha, no, sticking with tank top for that routine, the new latin shirt is for my rhythm dances. :) She just happened to comment on it while I was wearing that tank top.

Heh, and thanks. :oops:
wow... I just read this entire thread. lol. gotta love being home sick with nothing to do.

Great showcase etp! Also Samina and the others who posted their's they were great to watch!

I just decided to do a showcase in december. So far all I've done is decide I want to do it. My teacher told me to pick a few songs and bring them to my next lesson but I am so lost. I'm thinking rumba, mambo, or cha cha lol.

Also, how long had you guys been dancing before doing your first showcase? I've been dancing almost two years (with a long hiatus due to job issues) However, I had someone outside of dance tell me I shouldn't do the showcase because I am not ready and I will make a fool out of myself. I still really want to do the showcase but jeez some encouraging words!


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Thanks Izzy,

And I didn't hit two year mark (including a 7 mo hiatus as part of those two years) until month AFTER I did my first showcase. SO ignore your friend and have fun!
thanks! I think there were some ulterior motives with what was said but when confidence while dancing is something I'm struggling with comments like that don't really help.

Is anyone else working on showcases?


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Izzy, studio showcases are usually nice because it's other studio dancers, friends and family that usually attend them. The environment in the ones I've participated in have been warm and supportive, hopefully yours will be the same.

Best of luck to you!
thanks! I've done a few team matches at my studio and the atmosphere has always been great! I think most dancers are great people who seem to remember what it was like to still be a beginner.
Got the song and choreography today. I'm doing swing to cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood. Also found out my teacher has to leave for two weeks. :shock: so we're cramming in lessons around it.

The choreography pushes me as a dance both in the moves and pulling a bit of my sexier side out (she's been in hiding a long time)

so much to do so little time.


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Good song choice. ANd nice choreography if it forces you to bring out sexy side, this is certainly first time Carrie's really gone all out in that respect, that video, wowsers! :)

I love a good current country song for swing too. I have a couple that I have on backburner for next time I need a showcase.

Oh, and thanks DancingShoes

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