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I would like to announce that I have just released a completely new site for Showtime Dance Shoes. I would love to get your feedback on the new site.

There are many new features that should make the ordering process simpler, including a new javascript method for selecting the options (size, color, width, heel height). The ordering process is also completely redone, and should be a lot easier to use.

In addition, I have set up a completely new database backend and framework, making it easier to make the data available to dealers and affiliates. With this new framework, I have also simplified the process for adding new features.

This may sound a little "technical", but I hope you like it, and will check back soon, as I have much more planned, and development is now much easier to implement at a faster rate.


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The web site was nice before, but wow! A lot of improvements have been made. For example, on eof the things I like to do is browse through and compare which heel heights and colors a given shoe is in. That "browsing" function is a lot easier now. You used to have to fake buying a shoe and go though a bunch of menu selections before finding out what colors the shoe was available in. Now you don't. 8) I'll have to check this out further.

Nice job, DM. :D
Wow david nice work!

One comment when looking at some of the shoe details it doesn't always mention which brand it is. You kinda have to "guess" from the style number
What happened to all the accessories you used to have? Now it's only shoe brushes. I was going to order some replacement heels, but couldn't find 'em. No heel covers or shoe bags, either. Do you not carry the Supadance 1216 Liason anymore? I was going to try those. Otherwise, the general organization is better.


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Yup. And what happened to the special values page? I rarely bought anything there, but it was one of my favorite hideouts at showtime. :(


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Overall, I think you've done a superb job. It's hard to explain why I think so, but the page has a more modern, crisp look than it used to.

I like the way of accessing the different categories of shoes -- it's nice to have the buttons on the left of the screen. There are other things, too, although I can't put a finger on them. I'll have to browse more and see if I can remember how things used to be. The new page is more aesthetically pleasing. I'm not quite sure why. (I guess that's how I can tell you did a good job. :wink: :D )

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