Shut up and dance!


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Genesius Redux said:

I couldn't possibly talk in tango--it's too intense a dance!
Until I realized that the poor things were trying to talk and count at the same time! Since I'd been there myself, I thought it best to give them a break! :lol:
People counting!!!?? Counting what exactly? sheep? Another gripe at the basic 8 teaching method. When I go to workshops and they say on step 5 you can do this or that. I think what the f :) :) :) is step 5. Fine take 8 steps in time to an 8 beat music but count them as you go along.!!

The whole reason why I'm good at AT is because I don't have to worry about 'getting it right' as one would have to do for a choreographed dance which means I can give more attention to the music.

I can only count to three anyway (attention deficit disorder!) :wink: :wink:


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Marino said:
I'll probably not be very original saying that dance in itself is a form of talking to the person you dance with. I think the better you dance, the less there is any need of words.
Exactly -- original or not original, a gem like this should be repeated as many times as necessary. :)

Welcome to DF, Marino.
Hello, Sagitta

Thank you, Sagitta, for your words of welcome :D

(I get to the computer perhaps 3 times a week, so I'm sorry not to be able to answer more rapidly)

Why rumba? Its the slower beat, first and foremost. I've danced also renaissance dances - these are slower still and there the eye communication is extremely important. And they provide plenty of occasions for the partners to speak to each other.

In rumba there are steps in which the partners first move apart and then move closer again. This "reencounter" often makes the partners say "Hello, here we are again!" with their eyes. It reminds me of all the eye-play in renaissance dances.
Thanks, MacMoto!

This time our opinions as to dancing and speaking coincide, who knows how fierce our fight will be over the next topic. :)

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