Silly things non-dancers say

- When are you going to be on “Dancing with the stars”? ( I get it so often, so I am surprised that people do not realize that I am neither the Star not a Pro, it is just a hobby)
- You took so many lessons, you can teach dance yourself already
- My husband will never allow such intimacy with the stranger ( from a non-dancing friend watching my rumba)


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Yeah, parents. Even though ours are supportive, which I appreciate. I mentioned to my parents that we had just had a good lesson, and my dad said, "So did you learn a lot of new steps?" Me: "No, we haven't added any new steps recently." Dad: "So what was there to learn?" Me: "Oh, things like in this particular place DH needs to step more to the side and not straight back, things like that." Mom: "Wow, you're really going into detail!" I get it kinda -- even most newbie dancers think it's about steps, so of course non-dancers do, too. On the other hand, they've both have plenty of lessons in both sports and music in their lives. They wouldn't think of asking me after a piano lesson, "So, did you learn lots of new pieces? No? So what was there to learn?"

Oh, and I showed a recent comp video of ours to my in-laws. They were interested to see it and thought we looked good, so that's nice. I said something about still having a lot to improve, and they asked what we wanted to change. It was hard to explain, so I showed them a Blackpool video, and they said, oh, yeah, that does look better. MIL: "But you know, they probably dance some every day!" Yes, MIL, they probably do.


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When I was filling out a form to purchase standard shoes last semester from my ballroom club, one of my non-ballroom friends saw me. The conversation went a little like this:
Friend: Whatcha doing?
Me: Oh, I'm filling out this sheet so I can get my Standard shoes for ballroom.
Friend: Wait, didn't you buy shoes for ballroom already? (referring to my Latin heels)
Me: Yes...but those don't work for Standard.
Friend: Geez, that's a little picky don't you think? Why do you need more shoes? Just because your other ones don't look fancy enough?? was tough trying to explain that you just NEED different shoes for different styles...


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This was a compliment that came from a non-dancing friend of mine. "Wow, I wouldn't even be able to hold hands with a stranger whilst dancing, much less dance so closely." Thanks, friend. Granted, neither of us are touchy-feely at all, but for me, dancing makes the potential discomfort worth it.

Something I haven't heard but might hear:

"Why does 'Dancing with the Stars' annoy you? Aren't you a dancer?"
After seeing me dancing with a random stranger:
"You looked great out there! How often you and that man get together and practice?"

About my partner and I:
"You look so good dancing together! Are you guys married?"

A man who wandered into a milonga from the street:
" Do you know how to dance this? Are you good at it? Well let's dance then... show me!"


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Me to a wedding couple: "That song is a rumba, so that's what we'll do."
Student: "We looked up rumba on youtube, and that seems pretty hard. Can we do something simpler?"

or "I saw this step on youtube..."


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Top questions we answer:
1. So are you married?
2. So... then... are you related?
(... No...?)
3. OH, so then he's... okaay...
(sigh... no...)
4. Well then...?
If you must know, we bang on occasion. That answer your questions? Can you dance better now, knowing this?

The questions people never ask: "Do you have a resume?" "What are your qualifications?" "Can you provide references?"

My favorite are the newbs who pull the "I'm jazzed, I'm psyched, I'm motivated, I wanna be AWESO- Hey, so, I met someone and I'm getting laid now, catch you when the NPS wears off..."


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"That's so great! I wish I could dance like you"
Me: [spiel about lessons, classes, the college team, etc.]
"Oh no, I could never learn, I have two left feet, [some other excuse]"

I do wish people would get over this mental block. Plenty of people who can't dance LEARN how to do it, very few can just do it without any would be akin to saying "I wish I could read", "Then you should learn how to read", "Oh no, I could never learn how to do that."

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