Simon and Garfunkel

I'm so upset. I called today to get Simon and Garfunkel tickets and they were SOLD OUT. I don't understand how they could sell out 10 minutes after the tickets went on sale. And what's worse is that the cheapest seats going are $165 and they are up in the nosebleed section. That is utterly rediculous. How can they justify charging that much? I realize that this is a landmark event - the reunion of the pair - but how do these people sleep at night? That's highway robbery.

Sorry about the rant. I had to tell someone. :cry:


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Oh! I feel your pain. You know (back when I was young and foolish and didn't have a mortgage :lol: ) I used to have a personal scalper. When I heard about a show I wanted, I'd just call him before the tickets went on sale, and he'd get me the hookup. Then he'd call back when he got the seats, and give me a range of prices to choose from.

That's how I got to see Genesis, Eric Clapton, Luther Vandross, UB40, Nancy Wilson, and bunch of people. Close up enough to see them sweat! But you do pay LOTS of money.

I'm sorry you're missing this one. :cry: I LOVE Simon and Garfunkel. The Boxer is my favorite song. The contrabassoon at the end is to die for!
I would love to see Simon & Garfunkel too, but there's no way I can pay that price. I paid $120.00 to see Paul McCartney and that's only because I adore him. I won't pay that price to see anyone else. Too rich for me. I'll wait for the TV version. :wink:
I missed seeing Paul McCartney 3 times (sold out tickets) and I was so glad to be able to see him in concert at last. It was last year. My daughter got tickets from a friend of hers that got sick and couldn't go! We were so thrilled to go! He was wonderful. ahhhhhh!

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