'Simplified Swing' is Ready

To Swing Enthusiasts,
Since the response to my offer of the 'Magic Pill' has been so disappointingly small, (less than 75) I have decided to Email the secret teaching method for the authentic Classic Lindy Hop individually to ONLY those persons Emailing me a, 'YES' vote. The deadline is still July 4th, so if you are interested in receiving the detailed description on my original, 'SIX COUNT LINDY HOP TEACHING METHOD' Email me a 'YES' vote! Before July 4th.

Black Sheep d.lanza@netzero.net
Swing Drug Addicts,
The: Magic Pill (MP) has important side effects that by Lindy Dancer's Code # 2gd2btru, I am compelled to reveal:
WARNING: Any deviation in the prescribed steps for the administration of the Magic Pill, will dilute the chemistry of the Lindy Hop!
1) Within one week after the distribution of the MP, on July 4th, there will be an explosion of new Swing dancers looking for Venues to dance at, and looking for Swing Instructors to embellish the Magic Pill basics in order to teach them STYLING, TECHNIQUES AND CREATE DANCE ROUTINES !
2) Swing Dance Teaching will become an honorable well playing profession to those qualified to prescribe the Magic Pill with a bed side manner;
3) Upon administering the MP, depression will dissolve immediately;
4) The Magic Pill is addicting so patient should expect a lose of sleep due to past midnight revelries with other Swing addicts;
5) Your membership at 'Work Out Gyms' will expire and be replaced with painless holistic physical terpsichorean musicalics;
6) All intern dance teachers will immediately become efficient practitioners of Swing dancing, and BAD Swing instructors will go on welfare;
7) Swing dancing will become affordable for senior citizens on pensions, school kids and fast food employees;
8) The Magic Pill is the natural technique for the preparation of all aerials.

The Black Sheep d.lanza@netzero.net

Only a 'YES' vote will guarantee you a once in a life time Magic Pill! Your friends are invited to request the Magic Pill. July 4th, the deadline, is coming up faster than you think!

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