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Would you endorse the 'Magic Pill' method?

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Teachers & Students,
What if learning how to Swing dance to an intermediate level could be accomplished with a magic pill that took less than a couple of hours to work? Would this be harmful to teachers because of lose of teaching fees? Would this be good for the general increase of the Swing population? What beneficial or harmful repercussions would result? Who would endorse this 'pill' method? Answer 'YES' for the pill or Answer 'NO' for the pill.
Your answers could revolutionize 'Teaching & learning, if I get a majority of 'YESES'.!

Black Sheep
Pill Poppers,
MAGIC PILL? I was remiss in NOT including the elements for the prescription of the Magic Pill's Simplified Swing! Last night at Hilary's Suzy Q Friday night dance frenzy, I was met with several different questions about this Simplified Swing 'Magic Pill', and realized there needed to be some clarifications made; some questions answered!
Unfortunately, I was using a metaphor of sorts which did not register at a cerebral level. The 'Magic Pill' is
'Magic Teaching System' , I devised which is so potent that it gets complete Wallflowers unglued and Swing dancing at an Intermediate Level within two hours. Just so you don't think I'm joshing, I will submit my credentials as a professional teacher who has supported himself strictly from teaching in a variety of fields for the last 54 years; a personal resume' of my teaching background will appear in another Commentary.
Incidentally, a record crowd showed up at Suzy Q last night, May 30. And the band from San Francisco, 'Swing Session' kept the dance floor stuffed like a hot tamale with the exception of their very first Jump Starter which ran past the dance platform at 280 bpm; leaving 95 percent of the patrons stranded and blown against the walls with only five couples trying to keep up with the express train from Frisco. But Hilary Alexander gave the, Engineer 'Pops' the swinging red lantern signal to slow down for the local riders, and it was smooth Swinging for the rest of the red eye fight at mostly below 180 bpm: Once again Hilary proved to be the perfect Conductor of the, Suzy Q Friday night Special.
Back to the Magic Pill which ain't a real pill!
There was a second Question that came up at Suzy Q's, "Hey Black Sheep! What do you mean by 'Intermediate Level of Swing'?" To preface this answer, I have tested this 'teaching method' for more than two years by making it a ritual to find at least one non dancer at every Venue I attended, and using my Magic Pill method, I have got them dancing within 12-20 minutes to the point where they spent the rest of the evening on the dance floor with a variety of partners. There are enough accomplished dancers in Southern California who have observed me administer this Magic Pill treatment at the various Venues to verify the Pill's success. If you were one of these observer witnesses, Email me your confirmation, just in case! Getting a non dancer started requires only one talent on the student's part; stay focused on my instructions for 12-20 minutes! Bringing students to an Intermediate level takes under two hours, and this following list consists of only six of the factors accomplished at the intermediate level:
1) Finding the beat and Dancing to syncopated rhythm;
2) Leading and Following Techniques;
3) Dancing in unison with partner in at least a half dozen moves;
4) Learning transitions, getting in and out of a variety of step patterns including turns;
5) Proper distribution of body weight for dancing;
6) Universal hand hold;

The Magic Pill method is called, 'The LANZA Six Count TEACHING Method', and it appears in detail in my book, 'Lindy by Lanza' published April 20, 2001 on page 130. And if there is a majority of readers who would like to have this revolutionary teaching method described in detail, so you can teach your friends and family within a few spare minutes, Email me a YES VOTE, if you do not want this Magic Pill teaching Method made public, just Email me a NO VOTE!

Black Sheep Email

P.S. The Swing population will explode if my Magic Pill is dispensed at every Venue!

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