Sitting is the new smoking

I overheard this at the dance studio the other night. And I think there is a good deal of truth here. Over a period of time, sitting can bring a huge toll on the body. So I might ask, what are some of your strategies related to sitting? How do you avoid it? When you need to sit or not stand it least, what do you do to minimize damage?
(For one, Obviously you dance!!)


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Get a sit/stand desk for your workplace, along with a floor mat to stand on. Get an ergonomic chair, and a foot rest too. Get up and walk around at least once an hour, or more frequently if needed. Walk for at least 30 to 45 minutes at lunch time. Bring a yoga mat to work and do a few stretches throughout the day.

About 15 to 20 minutes of stretching is a good way to start the day. In the evening, be active at least a couple of days of week. It doesn't really matter what the activity is - walking, yoga, strength training or dancing - keeping moving is what's important. It does help to vary the activities, so you're not working the same muscles all the time. Being sure you get a good night's rest helps. Supplements like turmeric and magnesium may help too. And watching what you eat helps - toting around a lot of extra weight isn't great.

I have lower back and sciatic nerve pain. I work with a physical therapist, and I've learned many exercises to help me manage my condition. I'm hopefully towards the end of a flare up (it was a freak accident that caused it), but I know I'll have to continue the exercises even after the physical therapy is done. I have some lingering anger and resentment issues that I know I'll have to do this for, well, from now on, but that's the way it is.

I have on my file cabinet at work a Garfield cartoon that of sums up how I feel some mornings.

Frame 1: Garfield in his bed, "Yawn"
Frame 2: Garfield in bed stretching forward, "ERRRRGGGHHHH"
Frame 3: Garfield in bed raising up to stretch, "HURRRRRRRRGGGGGGH"
Frame 4: Garfield in bed leaning over to stretch, "YEEEUUUUUGGGGHHH"
Frame 5: Garfield standing up in bed, looking tired
Frame 6: Jon asks Garfield, "Aren't you getting up?" Garfield laying on his back replies, "I was going to, but the stretching wore me out."


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Does this mean I can sue my employer for exposing me to second-hand chairs in the workplace?
I don't think that's going to work. :)

Another activity for work I forgot to mention was taking the stairs where possible, either in the parking garage or in the building.

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