Slavik and Elena - Samba

Hehe.. that's better. For some reason it's motivating to know that something is physically possible, even when my circumstances make it impossible. 30th birthday coming up in 5 days makes me want to believe I'm still young ;)

Dancers' musculature is amazing. Watching her is breathtaking.
Personally, Slavik is my favorite, a guy that rated God-Class. However, i like Calina (is that spelled correctly?) more. =]

Does anyone happens to know the name of that song? It's a pretty old song, and at least 5 or 6 years old. I've had the mp3 file of that song before, but lost it after a PC crash.
ah, yes, thank u. i don't know how exactly it's spelled, cuz i never knew her name in English. after all, i'm not native English speaker. =]

and.... how about the music? anyone got a clue?
but what you wrote, "Calina", sounds more like how her names is pronouced in Russian...

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