Slavik Kryklyvyy e Hanna Karttunen

Dear Becca, if i can recall, you said that you have slavik and hanna videos in dans 2008, and you were going to put them online (youtube or whatever) ... and that was long ago ... so i am still waiting for those videos.
This is a pretty good way to increase your friends list on FB! Please add me too. I'll send you a request. If you see a name that looks like it's something someone just made up, it's me. :)
Any chance they might be dancing at the International in London???? Have tickets and camera ready but not quite figured out how to find out who might be dancing (apart from competitors:D).... First year that I am going so not sure what the format is etc etc


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I did ask Hanna but she hasn't told me! Maybe she wants to keep it a secret. I know the entries have closed now, though.

I think it's pretty certain that they will . . . I have tickets booked for the first rounds at Brentwood as I am determined not to miss a single second of her dancing!
Hope so:) Have also got tickets for Brentwood. Would love to see Paul Killick dance as well (hoping.. as he was going to dance at Blackpool). Either way its a good excuse for a few days off work!!


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Would be nice, but I'm not too optimistic!

Hopefully Hanna will do the Night of 100 Stars on the Monday evening, as I'm going to that as well. It would be awesome to see how she and Slavik are looking before the competition.
To those in Europe... Slavik and Hanna are scheduled to do a show at the upcoming Hungarian Open Dance Championships, held in Budapest, Hungary, August 22-24 (I think). Check out the event website for details. www hungarianopen hu



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The flights are too expensive for me right now, I looked into it at the weekend, but never mind. Just to hope they dance the International now or I might not see them for a very long time!


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Max and Beata and Ricardo and Yulia are definitely doing it as they told my friend in Blackpool. Sergey and Melia are definitely doing it as they told me they were, as did Bryan and Carmen.

I think Michael and Joanna are obviously going to be there and that Peter and Kristina are also pretty sure to be.

I don't know who a seventh couple would be if that is true, but I would suspect Michael and Hidemi are likely as I'm sure they would love for a Japanese couple to do it. Also back in 2005 they asked Michael and Tebogo before they even danced any competitions.

Or perhaps as said before it could be Franco and Oxana. I for one would really enjoy to watch their show, if so!
The couples who danced were in fact Sergey and Melia, Ricardo and Yulia, Bryan and Carmen, Max and Beata, Peter and Kristina, Michael and Joanna and Franco and Oxana. Cannot wait to get hold of this little beauty!

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