slideshows when djaying


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Why is it illustrated by a pic from Godard's A bout de souffle?
Because it conveys a tango feeling...
As a spin off from the lyrics thread: What atmospheric underlining do you use when djaying?


I have a ppt with enigmatic pics from films I´ve seen. The slides are taken from
À bout de soufflé (1960), Don't look now (1973), The Hunters (1977), Ultimo tango a Parigi (1972), Riso amaro (1949), and and and..
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I always display the song names and recording date, orquesta, and vocalist. I also display the orquesta I have selected for the next tanda and what genre (tango, vals, milonga) it will be. Dancers seem to really like this, and I get a lot of positive comments. Software is Embrace (my player) and Beam (display software). And yes, I do DJ by tanda, not by song, and I select tandas at least one or two ahead, depending on how the floor is responding.

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