Smooth/Standard dresses and Rhythm/Latin dress


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Dresses for sale!

Size S or M, B-C cup. I'm 5'4". all swarovski stones

Dore yellow smooth/standard dress, bought from another lovely DF'er. Still in good condition. Has gauntlets with floats for standard. $600

Dore fluorescent orange velvet rhythm/latin dress - $600. some tan stains on the inside, but the outside is perfect. very stretchy, may fit a large.

White ostrich feather smooth/standard. made in Vietnam, but all swarovski stones and real ostrich feathers. Lots of compliments and stands out on the floor. Great skirt movement. Slit in the back so your heels don't get caught in smooth. Comes with 6 arm bands that you can attach handkerchief floats too. $400

Square or Paypal only

try-ons ok. (I'm local to chicago).


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