So ... how was your dance weekend?

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youngsta said:
It's wierd T, Harry Jay has been playing some REAL good stuff at Blue Ice and then all of a sudden this past Friday...crap! And we were waayyyyy short on followers that night. Just a bad evening overall :( I did get a couple good dances though.
I totally know what you're saying, R. I still had fun, at least.

D'note was crazy packed! I really, REALLY don't like the salsa Luis plays though. To commercial for me. But I love the club and Joseph is good peeps so I'm there like clockwork! :lol: Great to see you again man.
Good seeing you, too - you must be enroute to the Congress shortly?

It was fun dancing with everyone. I have to admit that I was particularly impressed with Cece's dancing - she handled everything that I've learned over the past year perfectly. Especially impressive since I was throwing stuff at her that isn't done in Denver, plus she's been dancing mostly On2. Yet she handled everything with ease. Very nice!

So much fun! I've skipped only two nights, and already I'm craving some more!
My dancing of the week really starts on Wednesdys.

This Wed past I had a blast as usual at my regular R&B/salsa venue. the highlight being 3 perfect salsa songs with my all-time-favourite partner (who hasn't been around much lately).......the last two songs were squeezed in between R&B tunes (as I whipered to the DJ: 'Would you plz put some salsa on for me...? I wanna dance with XXX before we leave."); the DJ knew to put on our favourite songs 8) .

That just made my night :bouncy: !

What made it even more special was the fact that he didn't dance to show off this time (as he normally would). We danced at the quiet end of the club, and really played with the music. He danced with me because he wanted to dance :shock: :p :D !
Been dancing heaps this weekend.......almost no time for DF :shock: :lol: !

Friday night we now have a new regular venue. We had fun this Fri past eventhough there were too many followers as usual :roll: the guys there got totally danced-out at the end of the night!

I finally learnt to follow our new addition from Cuba *almost* seamlessly 8) .......a pretty cool accomplishment in my book as he's got his own groove/timing.

A fair numbers of regulars are away at the L.A. Congress so there were more room at our Sat regular venue. It was a really good night too, despite that fact that I still wasn't 100%.

Highlight: got told by one of my favourite leads (a great but humble visiting salsero from Israel) that I am close to being his ideal follower :shock: !

I was like :banana: :banana: :banana: !


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A non dancing weekend. I did watch a couple videos and I think that I have figured out the Chicago steppin' basic, plus when turns and other moves are usually done -- on the 3-5 of the 8 count basic. :) Now must work on translating that knowledge into actual dancing. This upcoming Friday is a social dance so perhaps I can get a song played and see whether I can work it. :)
Well after the dissapointing dance closer on Friday, I went out to two Salsa venues tonight. Both went quite well...had some great dances...but a few things happened that were emotionally unsettling, but such is life.

I'm setting plans in motion for checking out new dance venues out of town. I had hoped to go with a few other people, but I think its going to just be me...and perhaps that's the way it should be. ;)

Lets see...Friday was really fun and I definitely got my "Salsa Fix" :D, unfortunately I couldnt go dancing on Saturday, but I did go last night and since most people dont have to work today (memorial day) the club was beyond packed!! It was ridiculous so I only got a couple good dances but I did meet a great group of dancers that I always admired so now were making plans to go dancing on Wed!!


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Had a good night last night. It was actually rather quiet, but the leaders who turned up were all very good, and there was plenty of space on the floor. Good leader/follower ratio too -- a rare thing. Some of the people have been to the Africando concert in London, so the DJ played lots of Africando. :D Also a really lovely cha cha cha with one of my favourite leaders. :D :D

I was actually a bit off last night -- I seem to be unconsciously trying to avoid putting weight on the knee I hurt two weeks ago (while in Spain -- come to think of it, I haven't reported on my SalsaMed Festival experience properly yet, have I?), and it puts me on the wrong footing. The pain also detracts my attention from the lead. I sat out a lot more songs than I normally do. Still, it was a very enjoyable night. I'm supposed to be going out again tonight, and there's also an afternoon social on Sunday, but I think I should give (at least) one of them a miss. Next weekend's going to be a good one, and I want to be able to dance without worrying about the knee.


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Good weekend dancing so far. Social dance yesterday night. Sucked at ECS as usual, which renewed my determination to learn lindy soon. Latin dancing was good. Taught a couple people salsa basics while swing was playing, so that worked fine. Also did two foxtrots to swing music. :) Going to go do swing tonight so I can do some more foxtrot! :lol:

Hey MacMoto!! While resting that bum knee how about doing some typing and giving us your review of salsamed?


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Sagitta said:
Hey MacMoto!! While resting that bum knee how about doing some typing and giving us your review of salsamed?
Soon, I promise! :lol:

I ended up going out with a friend last night. The plan was to just sit and watch most of the time, and at first I did. Then the DJ played lots of non-salsa music :x, and by the time the set went back to salsa, I had to grab someone and dance -- had a pretty good dance with someone I used to struggle to keep up with. Then, people just kept coming up to me asking to dance, and I had to oblige... lots of merengue, not enough salsa, but hey, I was happy when I left.

Haven't decided about today's afternoon social...
My weekend totally rocked!

Started from Wed (good) Thur (ok, because I was sore from the gym *yes, I've just joined*) Fri (started slow but got busy & didn't sit down)

Sat I stayed home to finish my quilt.

Sun, just now, I've come back from a fantastic night 8) . "Los Rumberos" rock, so do my partners El Washing Machine, Wet Towel, (didn't dance with SideShow Bob) and best of all, "Rico" (see 'Dance names' & 'Ten Sexiest Men' threads :wink: )!!!!!!

*guys, you know who you are :p*

I had more than made up for missing Saturday night 8) ........didn't stop dancing!

There's another party tomorrow night. I'm sure it would be fun!


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My weekend is rocking.

Social dance Friday, where I got a "proud moment", Saturday a so-so rueda performance, pretty good swing dance from 8:15-11:00p.m., followed by a retirement party for a Columbian / white American couple. danced with ladies as a leader, then when they thinned out danced with two guys as a follow, teaching them "the cool moves" plus just some dancing. Tried out a little back leading vs proper following....Got over at 1:00, and today....teaching a casino rueda class (going early to put some music and just to get my groove on) followed by swing dance, with swing choreography, a couple latin songs?, and funky smooth playing to the music. But an early night at ten. Only had 4 hours of sleep last night, so a good thing too. :)


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Had practice on Friday with my Am/Am partner. We are getting much better at our foxtrot grapevine. And we are both changing how we do the right side fans for tango.

Then I was planning on heading home to take care of some responsibilities, but just couldn't resist the social dance after practice. :)

(Responsibilities taken care of Saturday Morning!)

No dancing on Saturday as usual, but Sunday included a private lesson with my Am/Am partner, another hour of practice, and a group Waltz lesson.

Not bad.


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MacMoto said:
Haven't decided about today's afternoon social...
I went. A lot more people than normal, good music, great vibes. Probably danced a bit more (okay, a lot more :oops:) than I should have (even though I went there late so I couldn't overdo it). That's the problem of becoming a regular -- there are simply too many people I must dance with now.

Salsa dancing on Thursday - too much merengue

Shoot a TV show on Friday, then went out eating and then Salsa dancing

Went to a Salsa party on Saturday...

Just went out for a beer last night

Dead tired now... :)
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