So, I have a few questions

1. Bucharest, Romania - born, bred and still there :)
2. I'm a reinsurance underwriter... but I also teach salsa
3. No musicals for me... just salsa shows
I suppose I'll Re-revive this topic LOL :lol: :!:

:arrow: A.) My Name is Amy, I was born in California but did most of my
growing up in Phoenix, Arizona USA so that's where I tell people I'm from.

:arrow: B.) I wish I had a dance occupation! I'm currently going to school
for massage therapy. Hoping to take dance lessons as soon as I can afford it ( I love latin, ballroom and ballet!)

:arrow: C.) I am a HUGE fan of theatre. Both for it's music and dance qualities. I've been in band and orchestra for most of my schooling, so I love music about as much as I love dance. :eek:
1. Born & raised in San Antonio, TX :wink:
2. No professional dancing here - all for fun! :p
3. I consider myself a fan. 8)

Love the site! :D


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A) Huetten, part of the city Zell, part of the "state" Baden-Württemberg, Germany
B) love swing dancing, but way to few involved
A. Just across the river from Harrisburg, PA.
B. There is no one foolish enough to employ me in regard to any aspect of dance.
C. I'm doing Bat Boy tonight!
A. I a "Girl of the Golden West." I was born in Washington State, and have lived in Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Washington (again), and California, have traveled to just about every state west of the Mississippi. I've been here in California for 25 years now.

B. I have yet to be a paid performer, but I've done a couple of student films as a dancer. As soon as I lose a little more weight (I'm over halfway to my goal now), I'm going to have some professional pics taken so I can start auditioning for commercials and movies. I also want to get good enough to dance tango professionally in shows and nightclubs someday.

C. I love first class musial theatre -- Applause, Kiss Me Kate, Damn Yankees, My Fair Lady, that sort of thing. Maybe someday I'll get to be in one.
JenSwayze said:
Just to get to know you guys...
A) Where are you from?
B)Do you have a dance related occupation.
C) Fans or Performers in musical theatre?

A) No offense, but I prefer to keep my location private.
B) I do not dance for a living; however, when I better my skills I would love to perform in a music video or on stage somewhere for fun even if I am just there for 4 seconds.
C) I am a fan of musical theatre. I used to perform in musicals a lot when I was very small, but I somehow got out of that and now I miss it and so... I am trying to go back. Singing, dancing, acting, voice-acting... I love it.

A) Where are you from?

Akron, OH

B)Do you have a dance related occupation.

Yes and no. It doesn't pay, I do non-profit shows at local clubs to entertain people.

C) Fans or Performers in musical theatre?

Fan and Performer of old songs such as Michael Jackson's, "Billie Jean", "Thriller", "The Way You Make Me Feel", and MC Hammers, "Can't Touch This", and Sir MixAlots, "I Like Big Butts"
Just to get to know you guys...
A) Where are you from?
B)Do you have a dance related occupation.
C) Fans or Performers in musical theatre?

Here are my answers, so you know..
A) I'm originally from Montreal Quebec, but I've grown up in Ottawa (Canada, not Illinois).
B) Not I, unfortunately...I have yet to go to college so right now I'm kind of doing the minimum wage thing- waitress/retail. Fun though I'm a people person.
C) Fan and Performer. Drive everyone crazy. Im sure everyone is sick of my stories. Hehe. Not here though, i feel right at home!:)
A) edenvale Johannesburg South Africa
B) No I dance for the fun of it at the moment.
c)Fans , hahah I suppose I have a few ppl that are my fans , but not because of dancing.
1. Originally near Buffalo, NY, now in Missouri via Erie, Pa ("you gotta be quick with me-I'm from Erie, PA!) and South Florida.
2. No--I wish
3. I enjoy musical theater but have never performed--
I think I should answer this one, too, since never introduced myself

1. Moscow Russia - first, then New York, then Missouri
2. No
3. I like it, but I never performed in anything
A) Well I was born in springfield, Oh, move to Middletown, De when I was 12, and now temp. living in monessen Pa until i grad school
B) I am a student at the moment, though i used to teach line dancing with my dance partner.
C) Fan of the arts but never perform, i did do the makeup on a couple of hometown plays though.
A) Robertson, NSW, Australia
B) No dance-related occupations for me. I work in an office in order to pay for all the dancing, acting, singing etc lessons
C) Performer! I love watching musical theatre, but the fact that I've been in many more shows than I've seen places me firmly in the "performer" box. I've even got auditions for two shows coming up, while I'm in rehearsals to be in the band for another show and am helping to choreograph yet another. I do love the theatre!

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