So, I have a few questions


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Hello Everybody!
A) I am from Lausanne, Switzerland.
B) I am a dancer and still learning dance from Danse Evasion in Lausanne.
C) I love to perform dance whenever and wherever I get a chance and love to watch others while performing.
Welcome to DF Jennifer.
I am from the east coast of the USA, although I've spent my life in So. California. Where, it is currently NOT snowing like it is where Fascination lives, wink wink.
A - Trinidad and Tobago (though I want to go back home to the United Kingdom, this country is rotten on many levels)
B - No, I'm a campus security administrator, and soon a digital media strategist
C - I practice mainly for fun, as I have taken it up as fitness
Just to get to know you guys...
A) Where are you from?
B)Do you have a dance related occupation.
C) Fans or Performers in musical theatre?
A) I'm in Oklahoma currently.
B) Yes! Sort of. I teach/direct theatre, and sometimes I get to dust off my shoes and teach dance or choreograph too!
C) Absolutely. 365 days a year.

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