So, why did the DFers cross the road...

IN an attempt to discover why DFers cross the road the Brighton County Government brought in heavy construction equipment and dug the Eastborne to Bexhil road up completely. They found rocks and clay soil underneath plus three cobble stones dated to the Roman ear.

They concluded in their brilliant and far reaching research effort that a road is really a flattened pile of dirt. They also had to admit that they had failed in their mission and that the answer must lie on the other side. The plan now is to bring in blasters and raise the buildings lining the afore mentioned road seeking the answer to the conundrum to the enigma to the puzzle to the riddle of why do the DFers cross the road? TBC
Isn't that a bit like sayign 'I have no time for modern medicine but MRI scans are essential' ;)
Are you sure you're not mixing your metaphors there? :rolleyes:

I could always be bribed by a cream tea but I think I could resist the four hour wait for the MRI scan ...

Alternatively free dance lessons would do just as well :cool:
Alternatively : they crossed the road because when the lights beeped at them, like Pavlov's dogs they only had one response : one-two-three-pivot one-two-three-pivot

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