So You Think You Can Dance Ratings- Season 7 Related


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I am cut and pasting this from Wikipedia:

So You Think You Can Dance premiered with over 10 million viewers in 2005. For Season 1, it was the #1 summer show on television. However, when NBC's America's Got Talent premiered in the summer of 2006, it took the title of "#1 summer show" and, over the past few years, has broadened its lead. In summer 2009, SYTYCD premiered strong with a 3.4 rating in its target demographic, although with the start of America's Got Talent roughly a month later in the same timeslot, Dance fell to #4 on the ratings board. It continued to lose viewers throughout the summer of 2009 and ended up with an average of approximately 8 million viewers. Fox then moved SYTYCD to its fall 2009 schedule where its ratings continued to decline; hitting an all time series low of 4.6 million viewers for a "special" episode hosted by Nigel Lythgoe on September 2nd, 2009. The move to the fall was short-lived. After dropping to an average of 6 million viewers, Fox moved SYTYCD back to the summer in 2010. With Mia Michaels replacing Mary Murphy and former contestants termed as "all stars" being used as partners, the ratings for Dance have continued to slide to all-time series lows; dropping to just 5.6 million viewers on July 15, 2010. For Season 7, Dance is averaging just over 5 million viewers each night while similar shows such as Wipeout and America's Got Talent have seen their numbers increase significantly in the summer of 2010.

Assuming that Wikipedia is right, what do you think explains the fall in viewership?
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America is bored with dance on tv?

There were reports that DwtS suffered serious rating declines after Kate Gosslin got voted off. Which suggest dance is the last thing a lot of the viewers were really interested in.


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Maaaaybe, and from what I can tell, you are right that ratings went down 17% in the week(s) after Kate left. Yet they were still very high, and DWTS/ABC still won the night in terms of total viewership.

So there definitely were a significant number of people tuning in just for Kate, but it seems like there were a substantial number of viewers tuning in for other reasons as well.


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huh, i have no idea. i guess their strategy to use "all stars" was in hopes to raise ratings. but... i wish they'd go back to the old format. and bring back screaming mary, lolz.
sorry to say when i saw SYTYCD i knew this show was is trouble, and you can look back to the fall when they over done it with the fall season

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