So You Think You Can Dance - S7 - Week 6

Have some DIY plumbing that kept me away from the show. Finally caught up!

Love Adcehike's Salsa.

Robert's Travis piece was emotionally charged and he danced well, fully expected the judges to love it and Mia to be in tears, so no surprise from them.

I absolutely love Billy and Lauren dancing jazz to "Boogie Shoes"! It was loose, smooth, and super-cool. I loved what Mandy Moore put together for that one and loved how Billy and Lauren danced. Just perfect.


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i'm so over mia... she needs summa fasc's big-girl pants, IMO. shankman is close behind. the blatant ga-ga favoritism is such a turnoff for this viewer. :evil::rolleyes:
I'm not a fan of the new format. I end up watching the old stars in many cases instead of the new dancers. I like Billy's dancing the best, but dont think he's the most versatile.

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