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what do you think of this idea, that they came up with? Each contestant will be between 8-13 years old and paired with a slate of SYTYCD all-stars


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With this announcement, the one dance show that I would actually watch in the past joins the ranks of the ones I will not. (Well, actually, I stopped watching when they pulled the stage vs. street gimmick.)

Part of the appeal for this show for me in the past was the level of training, talent and dedication exhibited by the dancers. I have no interest in watching children dance - talented or not, great choreo or not, they're kids... and I feel they should be off somewhere growing and developing so that someday, when it's time for them to start a pro career or be in the limelight, they'll be ready.


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I decided to keep an open mind and watch the show. I just couldn't watch past half way. Watching kids dance mostly robot hip hop, and then talk about their mommies just isn't interesting. How could this show stoop this low?


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#17 much of scripted talk is usually part of reality TV shows when most of the cast are kids? As much as it is with adults?

Steve Pastor

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For those of you who haven't looked at the show this year...

The auditions episodes were half the length of previous years. The kids they show are very well coached (it seems) about how to interact with the judges. "Thank you" is by far the most common reply to comments. The pre audition interviews conducted by Cat remind me of the old show "Kids Say the Darnest Things." (Art Linkletter !)

It really is amazing to see how good the youngsters who make the show are.
I've only seen one girl not be given a ticket to the "academy," (she didn't cry) so I'm sure a lot of this is due to very selective editing.

I plan to keep watching.

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